April 11, 2021

Anuja Kapur a Criminal Psychologist and lawyer talking on mindful parenting

What are the options after getting into Criminal Psychology?

Are there suggestions to ensure teens or growing adults not to get into wrong peer company?

Are crime serials or reading upon crime news along with children wrong and does it affect them?

To get all the questions answered read the interesting chat up we had with Anuja Kapur, a criminal psychologist, a criminal lawyer, a mum who has fought for several petitions, a TEDx speaker, founder of an NGO, social activist – She shares on the options of career after getting into Criminal psychology and on parenting where it needs to be a fine balance and even on whether reading and seeing crime serials and news does affect kids or not?

  1. How did you get into Criminal Psychology?

Since my younger years I have always been fascinated with the F.B.I but there was no such option for me to pursue in India so I took the next best alternative and began my journey after 13 years into my marriage, as I completed my psychology from Mata Sundari College and then there was no looking back.

It was a very planned and conscious effort after my schooling to pursue my goal irrespective of the circumstances. Truth be told, I never got tired of persuing psychology and I never will. The more I read, the more I want to learn. It widened my views like never before. Everything i saw had a deeper and interesting meaning. My instincts and psychic qualities since my younger days have always been perfect for this profession.

2) What are the options for students who want to pursue this as a subject?

A course in criminal psychology moulds you into prominently variable individuals to join any industry. A criminal psychologist may be hired by the state, local or federal government. There are many who work as freelance consultants or instructors at various institutes. They may also teach in universities as well.

3) As a woman, as a mum do you feel there has been an increase in crimes against women or committed by women?

Well I feel that the crime against women has definitely increased and so has the awareness to report these crimes. Initially there was a factor of fear and respect which would hold back the women from reporting crimes against them. Everyday cases are coming up with rape, acid attack, forced child marriage, dowry, domestic violence and many more where the regular victims are women.

4) What are a few things you would definitely like to share for parents of young children and that of teens to avoid children falling into wrong company or getting into crimes?

As a teenager children begin to look beyond their families to make new friendships and relationships.  Although parents need to be cautious about the influence of friends on their teens, but also need to realize that they cannot select friends for their children. Parents need to explain to their children to be part of good peer groups and also to say no to things not acceptable in general. Parents need to connect with their children to know how they are doing and going through. If in a mess or problem parents need to work with their children instead of going all clumsy on them.

5) Why do you think there is an increase in crimes committed by children? As a society are we focusing on materialistic gains and don’t have talks on values or is there more to it?

The minute an individual is born they are being structured to the norms of society. Everybody will behave and act in the manner they have absorbed over the years. So the matter of fact is,that if any individual has experienced a childhood with rage, negativism, beatings and rejection as the norm, then the chance for a vicious cycle of violence is possible. Such children usually grow up thinking that’s the way that you should act/behave, unless someone who cares( a positive mentor) intervenes and guides us in the right direction in life.

6) Do moms much after delivery face depressions and can that affect them taking care of themselves and the family?

Women are affected easily by their surroundings. She always wants to balance between office as well as domestic duties but due to lack of time and support everything goes haywire. This leads to stress which further aggravates as Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD )which is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety which lead to depression and further develop suicidal tendencies within them .

7) You are a mum yourself. Do you discuss some of the most weird cases you have come across at work or do you strictly maintain not to discuss crimes at home as it might impact children?

I frankly don’t need to come home and discuss cases voluntarily but if something out of the ordinary comes up then it is a different matter. My family whenever they come across my cases in the news or media themselves ask and that is when I will have a discussion about it if we need to. My children consider me their role model and that is enough for me to trust them.

8) Do you think families watching crime serials or news can affect children who might be naïve to understand or does it bring awareness in them?

What I conclude is that, crime serials have a great impact on us sometime its conscious and sometimes it’s unconscious. The matter of fact remains that if parents explain and communicate while watching what is acceptable and what is not, in and towards the society then there is no harm done. The children learn the norms of association and the way to analyze the good from the bad.

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