September 28, 2020

Event Photographs by Mums and Stories of Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Mum Talks and Zippy

It was our 37th event held in Bangalore.

Our journey with events began on Mother’s day two years ago and since then we have organised storybook picnics, Breakfast over stories where mums who are connected online get to meet each other, Games for children, Festival specials like Diwali, Christmas special, Theme based story sessions like Gruffalo Footprints, Pirates stories for children, Mum Talks where inspiring mums come and address a live audience, partnering with other brands for walkathons, Healthy eating workshops and more.

We are sharing a few photographs of the events conducted this year in 2018.

Father’s Day Picnic was organised by Mums and Stories on June 17th 2018

Here are a few pictures

(Father’s Day photographs organised by Mum and Stories)

Here is the video coverage of the event covered in News 9


We had earlier in May 2018 organised Mother’s Day to connect with all awesome mums. Apart from stories and colouring activity we also had kids writing letters to their mums on inland letters and postcards. We had them posted in post boxes and interestingly and as a sentiment, a few mums wrote letters to their mums, including some who had lost their mums.

Here are a few pictures:

(Mother’s Day event of letter writing, stories, games and colouring organised by Mums and Stories).

We again had this event covered by Praja TV on

In March as part of our endeavour to encourage hugley inspiring mums to come and talk LIVE to an audience we had Mum Talks-edition 4.

This time our mums had stories of courage, resilience and never-give-attitude.

A mum who lost her vision when she became an adult and how she continued her life thereafter . A mum who was attacked with acid within a few days of her wedding came to share her horror story, her story of courage, a mum who met with a brutal road accident that changed her face forever but couldn’t change her will power to live and be strong. A mum who met with fire accident when she was a school kid came to share her story at Mum Talks.

Held at Enerjuvate Koramanagala- here are a few pictures.

(Photographs of inspiring mums at the Mum Talks, an event by Mums and Stories)

In January we had a brand collaborated event with HarperCollins to launch Zippy stories.

So apart from online campaigns, contests we also had the Zippy event which was again a huge  success.

For participating in our events, brand collaborations and to partner with us for Mum Talks in its further editions,  reach us at

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