September 25, 2020

Srobona Das says adoption is a good word.Does anyone disagree?

Meet one of those interesting moms who has never taken a back seat when it came to talking about certain decisions in her life including adopting a child. Srobona Das is a mum who like many others tries to balance the thin rope of work and parenting but she also manages to push the cool quotient further as she actively pursues several passions in her life.

We got to chat up with her sometime back and she has many insights to share, especially for would-be-parents who are deciding or in a dilemma when it comes to adoption.

You can also check the video story with her here-


Talking about her life and its journey, Srobona shares with Mums and Stories, “  I was born and raised in Bombay, I was the younger of two sisters. My mother was a multi-talented woman – accomplished in painting, batik, classical music and dance. She was also a phenomenal cook, interior and furniture designer…the list goes on.  I always felt like my sister inherited my ma’s talent, and I – her fiery temperament and love for good food! Our parents stressed on good education, exposure and independence – in fact my Ma was the one who ensured that both sisters learnt to drive a car at the age of 18+.  I grew up extremely attached to my mother, and always was (despite our tumultuous relationship) till she passed away in March 2018.


I was nearly 40 and my mother 73, when Naina came into our lives as a 14 month old bubbly baby. Life altered for my mum, and her days revolved around the little one and her antics. I was fortunate to have my mum in the same city as my daughter grew up – and was amazed to see how patient, loving and jovial she was with our child. They made quite a pair!”

When asked on the best moments that she could share when it comes with her daughter, Srobona says, “ How can I define or list the best memories with Naina? Everyday has been a learning experience and a rollercoaster of emotions for us. As for knowing about her adoption…Naina is a poster child for adoption.

Not only has she known and understood since she got language (2 years), but we have also ensured that ‘adoption is a good word’ in our environment.

My daughter is indeed  my inspiration for starting ‘For and Of Heart Babies’. It’s only appropriate for the parents to tell the child and assure them of being loved and cherished like any other. “

A few tips on adoption as shared by Srobona for parents are:

a) Do your research and reading on and with adoptive parents. Familiarize yourself with the process on

b) Co-opt your social environment: parents, siblings, close friends, superiors / team at work. They are the ones who will stand by you and be a part of your child’s life.

Lastly people will say what they say.. positive/negative/ neutral/ preachy/ignorance – be prepared to face it all. Stand by your decision to become a parent through adoption, no matter what.

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