September 22, 2020

Good homes anyone? Review of East Lifestyle store on Mums and Stories

We all love good homes. While one can go on what constitutes a good home? It is undoubtedly true that we love having clean, vibrant or those colours that make us feel good. It does enhance our happiness quotient when these interiors and furniture or décor turns out to be chic, trendy and matches our taste in décor.

We at Mums and Stories decided to review on such lifestyle store that specializes in antique Victorian style wood furniture with new additions of décor like paintings, quirky cushions, wall hangings to name a few.


East Lifestyle has been designing and creating furniture products for their clients for more than two decades now.

Starting from Colonial designs to Art deco and contemporary designs, the store is located in Koramangala, Bangalore.

(B&W sketches perfect for an interesting space. Photograph by Mums and Stories at the East Lifestyle).

The store looks great with a variety of furniture when it comes to enhancing the living room or the bedroom. What we absolutely loved was the huge variety of cushions that are available.



(Photograph source- East Lifestyle).

Here’s a short video too by us, taken at the store.

(Video by Mums and Stories at the East Lifestyle store, Koramangala, Bangalore)

We also liked the paintings that were on display but a huge nod of approval from our end when it comes to cushions that can change the look of your home.

(Photograph of the awesome Buddha painting. Source- Mums and Stories at East Lifestyle).

(Photograph of quirky cushions in bright colours – Source- East Lifestyle).

We asked them for a few tips that can be shared with the readers on maintaitng and manging wood furniture and enhancing the décor.

East Lifestyle has a few tips to share when it comes to choosing the right furniture to right colours and so on.

Furniture:   When it comes to furniture, try and go for more wood and less fabric. It is the simplest way of not having to worry about scrubbing spills of wine and cereals on your couch or bed.

And if you wonder why it is recommended for wood and not metal ? The answer is because good solid wood ( not engineered wood like plywood or soft wood like mango or rubber wood,  but hard woods like  teak and sheesham wood) )  lasts longer and is stronger than metal or plastic and glass.

Fabric: The fabric selection for busy homes is very important.  For sofa , chairs and beds, steer clear of chenille and jacquard. Opt for leather, suede / leatherite ( faux leather) or linen. In colors – opt for darker tones than neutral tones like beige or whites.  Shades of blue, brown and reds works best for such homes.  Leather is very easy to clean without damaging the material .

Go with fabric with higher GSM ( Grams per square meter in fabric )  . Higher GSM fabrics lasts longer .

How does one enhance the look without much effort?

Throw in some sofa and floor cushions, adds to comfort of the room along with some color and material.  Huge cushions of size 24inch * 24 inch makes for great throw floor cushions. For sofas stick to 16*16 and 12*12 . Add a center cushion of 30*12

Remember on messy touch – We  agree perfection always wins, but currently “a messy look” is ahead in the race. A messy look ( out of the bed)  has been trending in fashion industry for long now , it seems to have now affected the home trend industry as well.

As the industry word goes – “Wabi Sabi”  .  a good news for busy homes ! Wabi Sabi look is following the Japanese tradition .  “ Beauty in imperfection”.

Use distressed look for furniture, live edge tables, perfectly cut imperfect designs, these features makes the mess caused by kids not feel so messy after all.

Less is more – Especially when it comes to storage items. More storage items, more mess will be piled onto them.  Stay away from storage boxes, storage couches/ beds.   The less space you will have to store things, less things you will stack at home.

Lastly use rule of 4:3 : 3 seater sofa -then add four cushions. Two on each side and a winning look is two solids(plain colours) and two printed cushions.

We at Mums and Stories loved our experience at the store and we hope you would too if you happen to visit them.

You can know more about East lifestyle  here

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