July 3, 2020

Book review of The Good Indian child’s guide to eating mangoes

The Good Indian child’s guide to eating mangoes

Firstly one has to love it as it is on one of the most loved fruits of many residing in the country or those who have best summer memories with mangoes.

Written by Natasha Sharma and illustrated by Shreya Sen this is an activity book for kids who LOVE mangoes and in the age of 4 onwards.

With bits of humor interspersed the book talks on varieties of mangoes to how to cut it in the wedge way to arty way and even make aamras. You even have the recipe to make Mango Lassi

The book does encourage the kids to eat a lot of mangoes. The illustrations are fun and the book has the feel of a glossy activity/information book.  With pristine white background and bright yellow used in illustrations wherever required, the book does give a good feel to the reader. Do note the activities suggested are to be tried in the real world with mangoes.


So you have activities suggested that include various ways of eating mangoes. It also goes unabashedly that will be liked by kids that it is just fine to be messy while eating the king of fruits.


So what gives the title of a good Indian child? He or she loves mangoes. I wonder if there are other titles as surprisingly I have come across a few kids and adults who dislike mangoes.

Anyways this book is for kids and people like me.

It is published by HarperCollins and is available here here

I just felt it should have come a little early ahead of the mango season than at the end, so that all of us could do all those things listed.

Reshma krishnamurthy from Mums and stories reviewed this book.

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