June 6, 2023

Must-eat restaurants and spaces in Bengaluru

Part I

We have been profiling a few eateries, restaurants in Bengaluru as must-eat spaces and we have featured them on our Instagram and facebook page. It’s time to bring them under one space and her eis the Part 1 of the series.

These five spaces are reviewed primarily as fun, interesting and spaces that make mums and kids feel comfortable whenever they would go for a meal or snack or mums meeting up for a coffee.

If you want to recommend a restaurant to our series of reviews , do let us know. Email at Mumsandstories@gmail.com


1) Let’s begin with Atta Galatta in Koramangala, Bangalore.

(Photograph by Mums and Stories)
Yes it is a space for being a book store, a space for book launches, story sessions, theater space but it turns into a cafe too for those who want a quiet time. So it is a great ambience of books, lots of storybooks to keep young ones busy and build their interest in books and they have the ‘no disturbance policy’ at your table.

Do check if they have events before you head there as cafe may be partially or completely closed for outsiders.

Mums and stories tried Masala Chai and Grilled Cheese sandwich. 4/5 for the tried items of the menu.

2) Our next recommendation in must eat spaces, cuisines goes for Hari Super Sandwich.

(Hari Super sandwich. Picture by Mums and Stories).

This is a chain which you will find in many areas in Bangalore. We love the fact that it serves as a ready to eat, easily accessible destination when you are traveling alone or with kids.

With wide variety of sandwiches that are absolutely easy on the pocket, this place ensures you don’t go hungry.

Mums and stories tried Cheese chilly sandwich and Chocolate sandwich.

We would give 3/5 ratings.

Do note this is a space where you pick food and move or be willing to go for a quick bite, not being seated.
3) Corner House is going to bring a host of memories for those who have once lived in Bangalore.

A must-eat if you are in Bangalore is Death by Chocolate. And we definitely recommend you to have a desert once at least at Corner house.  On earlier occasions we have loved Lychees with cream, Peach Melba and Apricots with ice cream.

They have good number of outlets across Bengaluru and it is scores high on hygiene, neat ambience and taste.

We at Mums and stories give it 4.5 out of 5 ratings. The only thing we wish they change now is to bring eco friendly options to serve. It is high time considering they have withstood competition from new players in ice cream market and it is a brand that is still drawing huge patrons.

4) Whether it is time for a snack or a breakfast option, as a Bangalorean or as a visitor, you cannot miss Dosa in MTR.

Considering it is quite close to Lalbagh, you can weigh the option of going for an early morning walk with your friends, kids or solo and wrap the morning with an unapologetic rich in calories and taste power breakfast.

Mums and stories tried the iconic Masala Dosa which is served with a generous dollop of ghee in a small bowl and green coconut chutney. The Dosa is priced more than any other food joint yet you will not regret your experience here.

Be ready to wait for 20 to 45 minutes so get your kids prepared accordingly. It is ideal to park your vehicle at Lalbagh, go for a walk and get to MTR. You also have the option to use and be dropped at the restaurant through a cab or auto as it is next to impossible to find a parking space.

We also tried Badam halwa and filter coffee. Our rating for this restaurant that has a history of serving celebrities to the stories of how it would serve meals in silver crockery is 4/5.

This is a food joint to enjoy food. You might have to share a table with another family but everything seems acceptable when you taste the food and you are transported to a state called BLISS.

5) Among the chaos, crowds and overburdening smells of food, when in Bangalore, you got to visit Thindi beedhi or Khao galli near V. Vpuram and Basavanagudi.


From variety of dosas to idlis to hot badam milk to potato snacks and jalebis, the sheer variety in food is mind boggling.

This is one space that sticks to vegetarian fare and across classes, people, largely families and friends come and eat as a special night out.

If you and the kids don’t mind a bit of chaos, we suggest you definitely head to Khao galli as it is one of a kind experience.

Do note you will be standing and eating on the roads, it will be crowded with not just food and people but also vegetable and fruit sellers and will remind you of the old time ‘melas’.

The food street is alive from 6pm onwards, way close to midnight. Mums and stories tried just the desert, jalebis but on earlier occasions we have tried pav bhaji, idlis, dosas, masala soda and few other snacks.

 Watch this space for more reviews coming on must-eat spaces in Bangalore. Do note our recommendations weigh high on the pointers of them being accessible, interesting, fun for both moms and kids.

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