January 23, 2021

Keep Calm And Mommy On Book Review on Mums and Stories

We rarely recommend parenting books as the category of self-help books don’t really appeal to many as a reader as they get preachy. Again each one’s parenting style can be so different and so right that it is ridiculous to say what’s right and what’s wrong in our opinion.

But we did like this one as it gives out clear answers that seem practical. Written by Dr. Tanushree Singh, ‘Keep Calm And Mommy On’ is published by Duckbill. This has been published in 2017, though we have got our hands on it only now for a review.

Most of us come under the umbrella of common dilemmas and we don’t know what to do.

As handy pointers Dr. Tanushree’s book shares a few tips on various topics.

a) Do not brush aside your child’s concerns and questions as ridiculous. They might seem meaningless from where we stand but for them, these are real threats.

b) Should we allow children to read newspapers considering there is so much of negative news floating around us, all the time almost on a non-stop basis. Yes, according to the author, one can begin with kid’s newspapers that will be helpful and be of interest to them.

c) Remember sex is normal. Curiosity even more so. There is nothing immoral about a child being curious about sex. According to the author, who is herself a parent to two boys in their teens, ” I need to repeat this to myself that sex is normal and it isn’t immoral. I do repeat a million times and yet it is not enough. So I need to chant some more.”

d) Installing security apps doesn’t take the job to be done. Internet access beyond home is out of control. Therefore it is important to talk to your child.

What we also like is that there are dedicated chapters.

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A) Should Religion be a choice? As urban and present day parents this is one question that does bother on many occasions , increasingly as we witness the world needs to be united but more often than not, gets divided with religion and ideologies. According to the author Dr. Tanushree, exclusive focus on the beliefs and practices of a SINGLE RELIGION to the exclusion of others can be potentially more harmful than no exposure to any religion.

B) Teenage Romance- Hint- Accept the inevitable. Do talk about love to children.

C) Talking about Death and Grief- Hints- Be honest. It is okay to display your emotions.

D) Raising responsible boys. Do not say phrases like ‘don’t cry like a girl’. Or ‘ He is still a baby. No he isn’t when he is growing up every single day’.

E) Is Percentage the definition of success? Hints- If you know what you enjoy and if you can work hard to learn everything about it, that should matter enough. Cut-offs won’t be able to cut your future off from you.

There are even chapters and sections on what you might want to bring to your book shelf and why reading is important.

‘Every time a story is read aloud, a reader is born and with every new reader, the world becomes a better place. So read to your child, irrespective of the age, reading interest or complete lack of it.

From our point of view this book does address many questions a mum goes through right from her child is 3 or 4 years to the teens. The only place where we did feel it didn’t address in detail was on the increasing curiosity and ways to tackle child interest in sexual activities and getting to messier situations in life.

Yet it has been a delightful read to get a few pointers and answers on the myriad dilemmas of parenting.


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