July 13, 2020

13 Steps to Bloody Good Parenting -Review on Mums and Stories

A title like this one 13’steps to bloody good parenting can take you to raise your eyebrows and yet be hopeful of a good read. The book is written by Ashwin Santhi and Kiran Manral , published by Westland Books.
As I start flipping through the pages, a line on page 8 made me smile.

“In times of technology, when we are constantly available, what does take a beating is how much are we around for our children. Our ability to be mindfully available to the child both emotionally and physically, at least for the time we consciously spend with them. This adds to their stability and emotional well being.”
Points to ponder and consider it to be implemented.

  • Have a daily ritual with your child. It could be story time, book reading or just sitting with your child while he or she does their homework.
  • Demystify the kitchen for the child. Don’t make it into a space where only parents or adults are allowed.
  • We all know and the authors say it again. Limit screen time. Replace it with people, nature and books.
  • Get kids to read books. Books create curiosity.
  • Don’t lash out immediately when they tell (kids) you something you don’t quite like. If you are a certified hothead, learn to count to ten and then count to ten again before responding.
  • Little by little, step by step parenting is pushing away of your child, so that by the time a child is a teen, he or she can cope with the world independently.
  • The greatest gift you can give your child is the strength to be independent.
  • You can take care of your child if you take care of yourself. Prioritize.

(Inner page from the book 13 Steps to Bloody Good Parenting).

  • The book is part of the series begun by writer Ashwin Sanghi. It is co-written by him and Kiran Manral and list out and explain through 13 steps of parenting and dedicate the last chapter to focus on self, a note to parents.

The book is interesting listing and explaining on many points and one can resonate with the pointers or analysis made of parenting.
We would say it will make a good travel read, a read to re affirm your beliefs and change in some instances.
Mums and stories gives it a 4 on 5.

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(Reshma Krishnamurthy reviewed the book on behalf of Mums and Stories)

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