June 25, 2021

Festival Special books- Dasara and Diwali books for kids

We bring you three short reviews of Festival books.

These are on Dasara and Diwali which are major festivals of the Hindus celebrating the festival in India.

The first one is of Ten Heads for Tanuj


( Dasara book for kids. Photograph by Mums and Stories)

Dasara and Diwali or for that matter any book for kids that highlights why we celebrate or talks on a particular character from mythology is fun.

Ten Heads for Tanuj, is a fun story of nine year old Tanuj, discovering he has ten heads one morning. This happened due to the fact that he was as usual listening to his favourite bed time story from his mum and had dreamt of Ravana. We are glad this came to us for a review.

It is interesting to note on the character personification of Ravana, than of Ram or other characters in the story.

Written by Priya Narayanan, illustrated by Shamika Chaves, published by HarperCollins Children’s books, this is an easy read for eight to twelve year olds.

As mentioned, one finds many story books on other characters of Ramayana, this Dussehra special book highlights Ravana in an interesting manner.

There’s also a page for Ravana trivia, like Ravana was the master of sciences. He wrote the book Ravana Samhita. He was also a great musician and an expert Veena player.

We at Mums and stories found it humorous, different and give it 4 on 5.


Secondly there is Amma tell me about Diwali which is couple of years old but a good resource for kids to refer  on Diwali.


Festivals in a country like ours have a totally different meaning as it is rich on celebrations, grandeur, colours, sweets, rituals and it’s interesting to have books on these festivals.

Diwali or Deepavali as known in Karnataka, India is a five day festival where it is celebrated as the homecoming for Lord Ram to Ayodhya and the streets were lit with diyas. In the Southern India, there is a different version of how Lord Krishna killed Narakasura, the demon and wanted his death anniversary to be celebrated.

However the book Amma, tell me about Diwali written by Bhakti Mathur and illustrated amazingly well by Maulshree Somani talks on Lord Ram narrative.


( Amma, tell me about Diwali inner page. Phtoograph by Mums and Stories).


It’s a story that gives a glimpse of the festival and relatively simpler methodology used to explain to children.


It’s on this little boy Klaka who had celebrated Diwali but hadn’t understood the meaning of why it is celebrated in such grandeur in his home, in his neighbourhood. Amma, while putting him to sleep then talks on why it is celebrated, on King Dashrath- his promise to Kaikeyi, the reason for Lord Ram to be in forest for 14 years and when he was back.

The book is colourful and a delight to be narrated and read. There are multiple stories shortly narrated and we wished there would be just one narrative or flow for an easy read. Yet we love this book as it is one of those rare books on Indian festivals, which can be easily read by kids. This story makes for a good narration too for adults to kids.

This is in the Amma series of various other festivals and we give it 3.5 out of 5

Lastly there’s the book on Lucky and its Diwali, written by Nalini Soren, illustrated by Shamika Chaves and published by HarperCollins. This is a book sent to us for a review.


(An ideal story for pet parents and kids who love pets).

It’s Diwali and everyone’s excited but Lucky, the pet at home and birthday boy Adit who’s also having a pool party and like Lucky, detests noise from firecrackers.

The story is narrated through the dog’s eyes and it’s interesting to note the little details of when he got adopted and the new family he has begun to love.

The story will be loved by kids who love dogs and can be a different story that can be narrated to other kids to sensitize them on the festival, firecrackers and the noise it might affect pets.

We give the book a 4 on 5.

( All photographs are by Mums and Stories and are subject to copyright).

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