July 10, 2020

I turn a blind eye by Priya Shetty

A mum shares her written poem, her expression after being through a slightly vulnerable phase of the dilemma to speak or not to speak.

I turn a blind eye is a piece she wrote and wanted to share it with others.

This is based on a true incident that happened in her life, where she was ready to speak out but others weren’t. She also shares that on many occasions she hasn’t been ready to speak out and this cycle may not really work out for the betterment of the society.


Turn a blind eye

I see a heap of garbage

Just beside my lovely home

I feel sad but turn away at once

After all , what can I do?

I turn a blind eye

I see a three wheeler in front of me

Oozing thick black smoke

This can surely suffocate the old and young alike

But what can I do?

I turn a blind eye

I see some miscreants have set fire

At an empty site next to my office

I ought to do something for sure

But what can I do?

I turn a blind eye

I hear a school bus driver has been driving rashly

He has hit a two wheeler causing injuries

My heart goes out as my kid goes to the same school

But what can I do?

I turn a blind eye

I see a public transport bus driver

Speeding and breaking the red signal

I have to stop this maniac ,’cause no ones safe

But what can I do?

I turn a blind eye

I push myself to focus on the work at hand

Miraculously these incidents disappear from my mind

I have pushed them away by reading a positive attitude book

But those issues are real, very real

They will haunt me again and again

All because I turned a blind eye

This is our city , these are our children
We cannot turn a blind eye

We cannot live in a delusion of positivity

As we roam around in Ac cars

We cannot turn a blind eye

To the fate of these innocent lives

Every single person can make a difference

If we just try and open our eyes


One thought on “I turn a blind eye by Priya Shetty

  1. Reminds me of this poem by the British Econimist Kenneth Boulding:

    A Conservationist’s Lament
    The world is finite, resources are scarce,
    Things are bad and will be worse.
    Coal is burned and gas exploded,
    Forests cut and soils eroded.
    Wells are dry and air’s polluted,
    Dust is blowing, trees uprooted,
    Oil is going, ores depleted,
    Drains receive what is excreted.
    Land is sinking, seas are rising,
    Man is far too enterprising.
    Fire will rage with Man to fan it,
    Soon we’ll have a plundered planet.
    People breed like fertile rabbits,
    People have disgusting habits.
    The evolutionary plan
    Went astray by evolving Man.

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