June 7, 2023

Divya Kapoor talks on turning her own narrations into a platform for bedtime stories

How about creating a platform for the stories you narrate for your children? Can this be turned  into videos and curated content for others to watch and enjoy? That’s what this mom along with her friend did by creating bed time stories for kids.

Divya Kapoor, a mum from Pune shares with Mums and Stories on creating  Bedtime Stories by Soulsisters “ One find day me and Poojan Reddy, my friend based in UK, were having casual  conversation about life and how in hustle and bustle of life we are putting our own interests in the back foot. With all other responsibilities of becoming a mom, my biggest challenge was to take out quality time for my daughter. So whenever time permits, I used to write short stories for her which could help her learn the very essence and value of life and love in all its form. On the other hand, Poojan always had soft corner for art and photography.

By listening to each other’s interests we thought why not to bring these two aspects together and try to give shape to my imagination through stories.

We are completely self-taught and we learnt this out of interest, though we are IT consultants by profession. Managing household with a kid and a full time job seems tough but this channel is our own little happy place. Each story takes a lot of effort in terms of content, script, narration, illustrations, stop motion, promotion and we ensure our moral of the story is simple enough for the kids to understand and at the same time has a long lasting impact on them. The immense love from our viewers and the urge to give our future generations a positive outlook towards life keeps us going.

(Divya Kapoor from Soul Sisters)

The theme of our channel is positive and engaging content for kids. Poojan and I are soul sisters since we ever met and so it sounded perfect to name our joint venture as Soulsisters and so we both settled on “Bedtime Stories by Soulsisters” as the name. We both are the Soulsisters’ core team and we have guest narrations from kids depending on story content.”

Talking about her childhood memories, Divya shares, “ I was raised in a joint family where I got to listen to many perspectives and thoughts each day. My grandma told me the impact of Indo-Pak Partition and how her family had to let go of the materialistic things and value life more than anything. My grandpa always has simple ways of giving the most important lessons of life, sitting with him even for 10 minutes till date is a unique learning experience. They taught me true love. My mom and dad gifted me the art of imagination beyond what has ever been seen which inspires my stories to a great extent. I always had stories to tell from my good and bad experiences in life but my daughter is my inspiration to forget the negative and focus on the blessings in life.

I am currently based out of Pune in India while Poojan is in UK currently and we are coordinating across different time zones.”


(Poojan Reddy from Soul Sisters)

Talking on being a mom Divya shares, “My daughter is now 4.5 year old and is growing curious and compassionate each day. Since the very moment I first held her in my arms till date, her smile has been my biggest inspiration. Before becoming a mom, I always thought that parents teach so much to kids but I guess it’s more the other way around. Each day she teaches me a million little things which I never explored or may be forgot with time. When I lie down at night and asks me for a new story, I smile. No matter how my day has been or how tired I am. A new story happens by itself and is my own kind of meditation. And because it’s for her, it always ends with a lesson, not just for her, but for me too. I used to tell her the “Big Star and Baby Star” story every night when she couldn’t even speak and then forgot the story with time and created more and more new stories. One day, I again told her the “Big Star and Baby Star” story after a very long gap (when she could speak properly) and she said to me “Mumma, why did you tell me this story after such a long while”. I was so touched by what she said. Even when she couldn’t speak, she was listening to every single word that I told her and I’m glad I always told the very positive things about life. She made me realize an infant or a toddler remembers every single memory and their subconscious is built on that.

We do a lot of fun behind the scenes, we read, we dance. She inspires me to live my life to the fullest. She is my ever shining rainbow.

Like I said earlier, every single word we speak and every little memory we make has a long lasting impact. As a parent it is our duty to feed them , send them to school and provide best for them. But the most important duty is to help them grow into adults who are compassionate, loving and independent in decision making. Don’t restrict their elephant drawings to grey and their skies to blue. Let them paint their own world. Give them as many hugs as you can. Give them a bigger perspective of harmony. Tell them wild stories and the mad ones too. Let them believe in rainbows and magic and themselves for if they do, it happens.

In such a short span of time we have received so many positive comments not just from kids but from parents too. A mom mentioned how her daughter always asked for “Susan wants to fly” before going to bed and another kid wanted to climb the rainbow just like Daisy and her friends did. Comments and appreciations through social media platforms and personal messages encourage us towards creating more creative and beautiful contents and with every story we are learning and growing as a team.”

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