June 25, 2021

Exploring Basadi Betta near Tumkur –One day trips from Bangalore

It had been quite some time since we had a holiday of staying in a resort or visiting a tourist destination.  Following the Covid precautions hasn’t been easy for many in 2020. However keeping in mind that we do interact with elders at home and have kids who can be vulnerable, we have been postponing our trip.

Last weekend we decided to go for a picnic, with family and an outdoor space. Nandi hills was out rightly ruled out as it had been visited multiple times earlier. We decided on Devarayanadurga but skipped that destination too, when we stumbled on Basadi betta in a few blogs.

The idea was to go to a destination where kids can be free to roam around, elders and other adults can be relaxed with less people around. We zeroed on Basadi betta near Tumkur and it’s a perfect one day outing.

You the option of having early breakfast at home or carrying your own home made breakfast. We took the step of having breakfast at a small but clean hotel near Tumkur.  We literally ate in the car, outdoors and were looking forward to the climb at Basadi betta. Betta in Kannada means hill.

Photograph by Mums and Stories

Mandaragiri hills or Basadi betta has a Jain temple at the foothills, which is like a beautiful peacock shaped dome structure and a temple space. It is pinchi shaped 81 feet height Gurumandir.

Gurumandir at Basadi Betta- Photograph by Mums and Stories

There were visitors but lesser than many other temples. Also on the hillock, there were undoubtedly crowds but yet they were at a distance.  You have a steep climb of roughly around 435 steps but kids will enjoy it. Even otherwise we were looking forward to a destination where kids can be themselves and be safe too.

On the hill top, currently there is a renovation happening of another temple. However what makes the climb worthy is what you get to see on the other side of the mountain. There is a beautiful lake –Mydala lake adjoining the hill and it does look spectacular.

You can go for a nice drive and you will reach Basadi betta  within 1.5 hours. The stretch makes for a fabulous bike ride too.

There are huge boulders scattered around the hillock and it does look like a mini Hampi. The lake is a serene space nestled among hills. We managed to climb down from the hill to the lake and found diaper trash left by several people. We hope people can be conscious of every footprint they leave at a destination and get their trash back home to dispose it rightfully.

Also another attraction at the foothills is the statue of Chandranatha Thirthankara and apparently a significant pilgrimage destination for Jains.

The space is great if you can go in a group and you can easily spend half a day out there, just watching the lake from the hill.

The weather was pleasant when we visited and we recommend you to go in winters. You can find security at the foothills and it is advisable one goes to this space, keeping the religious sentiments in mind.

Photograph by Mums and Stories

Mums and Stories gives it a 5 on 5 and hope you do visit it at the earliest.

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