July 13, 2020

Follow the beat. Review of Indian Music Experience by Mums and Stories

If you are a music connoisseur or even with an interest to amazing things in the world, you should head to the attraction at South Bangalore, Indian Music experience at J.P Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore.

( A room set-up that brings nostalgic moments of having seen a gramophone in real or in movies).

You can go alone or with individuals who love music or mark a specific date with kids who are exposed to some kind of music. This space is ideal for kids above 8 years as it is a museum of a different kind.

( Enclosures describing different generations of music in movies) ( You can listen to a few clips as well).

You can spend minutes to hours listening to various National and international music genres, introductions to classical music, record your own versions and completely be lost in the world of sounds.

You also have the opportunity to view various instruments and understand nuances of background scores, music generations and music in Bollywood right through 40s to now.


The space is classy, elite and as mentioned is of a niche category. The venue is vibrant, brings back old memories of Bollywood music, you can listen to some of the classics, get introduced to ghazals, Sufi and others.

You can take pictures, record your own karaoke label version, feel good about singing in front of a mic and be immersed in the world of music.


( Get into an autorickshaw to take a selfie or listen to music).

Tickets are priced at RS 250 for adults and 150 for children below 12 and Monday is a holiday.


( A door of Kavad katha set up)

Mums and Stories loved the experience and we would list this as a must do for anyone visiting the city and for everyone else who want to spend a meaningful weekend at a vibrant destination. You can easily spend about one to three hours based on your interest in music knowledge and openness in knowing the new forms.

Mums and Stories gives this experience a 5 on 5.

(All photographs are by Mums and Stories and subject to copyright).

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