October 4, 2022

Chintu Ka Birthday on Zee5 engages the audience to think on joys taken for granted

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It was Saturday evening and time for our weekend movie entertainer. It’s not that we don’t binge on good movies but Saturday nights the binge continues a little longer and this time we stumbled upon Chintu Ka Birthday on ZEE5. The movie is a Hindi feature film and a family entertainer.

The trailer itself was intriguing enough that we decided to watch the movie with our ten-year-old, who does understand a few concepts on what happens in war-torn countries.

Watch the trailer here- Watch Chintu Ka Birthday Full Movie Online in HD | ZEE5

As a family, we have had earlier discussions on counting our blessings to live in a country, a city where there is ample freedom to dress what we want, eat what we want, live where we want and follow our own family values. Incidentally, the movie from a child’s perspective puts the spotlight on the freedom we have taken for granted. Also, the timing of the movie during COVID makes it relatable as all of us were under the lockdown.

The movie premise is on a simple wish and occasion of having Chintu’s sixth birthday party in a bomb struck city and neighbourhood. Worse what happens if your own house on the day of the birthday literally turns into a mini war-zone?

Chintu Ka Birthday has a very apt cast of actors including Vinay Pathak who excels as a sensitive father, Tillotama Shome as the supportive wife and mom, Seema Pahwa as the grandmom who is very relatable to many grandmoms in Indian families and two children including Chintu played by Vedant Raj Chibber.

I loved the movie and recommend it for a family entertainer. The only concern I do have is the usage of language in certain scenes by American soldiers in the movie. For that reason, I would say it would be fine for 9 plus age bracket.

The movie has even amazing International star cast of Khaled Masso who brings a huge rush of emotions with his acting, Nate Scholz and Reginald L Barnes.

The movie brings the thought of how would it be to having a birthday party in a country that is engulfed in a war zone. Also, the simple joy of having a birthday banner strung on the wall, balloons hanging to give the party look, a birthday cake, friends or cousins at home during the birthday party, all of them singing the birthday song is taken for granted.

Set in the year 2004, Chintu and his family live in Iraq and this is in the backdrop of the aftermath of Saddam Hussein’s death. Chintu’s dad had come to Iraq as a water filter salesman and soon got stuck with his family with the death of Saddam Hussein killed by American troops on the instructions of American President George .W. Bush.  The constant fear of going to school, living in a home that can be bombed anytime, the fear of war scenes, worse in your home get amplified in the movie beautifully. The entire family is looking forward to celebrating Chintu’s birthday despite hindrances of various magnitude.

Written and directed by Devanshu Kumar and Satanshu Singh, Chintu ka Birthday is one and half hours long and perfect for weeknight or weekend family screen time.

Does the movie turn into a happy birthday or otherwise? Watch Chintu Ka Birthday on Zee5 Premium to know more.

One thought on “Chintu Ka Birthday on Zee5 engages the audience to think on joys taken for granted

  1. Recently, I watched the Chintu Ka Birthday Hindi movie online on ZEE5. Solid performances from Vinay Pathak and his two proven co-actors (Tillotama Shome and Seema Pahwa), A tidy screenplay that does well to stay within its limits and a theme that holds a fair bit of water.
    The story revolves around a boy name Chintu who turns six. His parents, sister, and grandmother plan a birthday party, all the more because the previous year’s treat was scuttled. But will it be a child’s play this time around? The family of water-filter salesman Madan Tiwari (Vinay Pathak) is stranded in war-torn Baghdad.
    The central premise of Chintu Ka Birthday, written and directed by Satyanshu and Devanshu Singh and produced by the men behind All India Bakchod (AIB), is simple enough, but the film makes bold to expand its scope and bring out the deleterious effects of war on a family in the wrong place at the wrong time, I like this Original film I hope You will also like it.

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