June 23, 2021

Koki’s Song by Ruskin Bond on Mums and Stories

What is it about old films, old photographs, old spaces we visit again that bring that happiness?

It’s the element of nostalgia that brings the refreshing energy. Likewise, this simple story is like a poem, bringing some nostalgic childhood memories.


Written by Ruskin Bond, illustrated by Ayeshe Sadr and Ishaan Dasgupta, published by HarperCollins Children’s books, Koki’s song is a delight.

Koki, a twelve year old girl goes to her grandmother’s house to spend some time and among her time spent in her grandma’s garden, near the river bed , she comes across this boy who plays mesmerizing flute.


Due to some circumstances, the two friends depart and this bothers Koki to no end. After a long time, after a few months he comes back again to play a specific time, that was Koki’s song as it was dedicated to her.

The story as a trademark author style in all Ruskin Bond books talks on nature, flowers, trees, birds and make you want to see all of them at the earliest.

We loved it and it’s a great summer read, perfect for eight to early teens.

A short excerpt from the book

” Next evening, Koki heard the flute again and was soon sitting astride the wall. When the boy saw Koki, he put down the his flute and smiled at her, and then began playing again. That evening, besides playing and listening, all they did was smile at each other.

On the third evening, Koki asked the boy his name. “Somi”, he said, and he played on the flute and did not say another word. But on the fourth evening, he asked Koki her name and she told him.

” I will make a song about you,” he said and he played the sweetest melody Koki had ever heard. She found herself putting words to it and singing softly.”


You can buy the book  –here

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