January 15, 2021

Quick getaways from Bangalore – Weekend recommendations

Need a last minute plan to get away from urban chaos, traffic, noise and reason to go on a short day outing?

If you haven’t been to Nandi hills or Nandi durga yet, it’s time to consider this as an option. The best part of this outing is you really need not book anything and just go impromptu on bikes or cars.

(Away from chaos, enroute to Nandi hills)( Photograph by Mums and Stories).

Winters are of course much more magical to feel the early morning chills, yet the space ensures it has a certain picnic vibe .

You can carry some food like snacks if very young kids are accompanying you or you can just go as there are enough food options with many restaurants around the hill.

We went on a road trip, missed the sunrise, yet enjoyed our outing as it was an excuse to get away and kids took play accessories like badminton, ball to keep themselves engaged.

It can be a breakfast outing or you can plan a leisure outing with lunch and return back. Tipu’s drop, temple, the fort (miniature one ) are of historical significance.

This was a landmark point as the temples have been built during the Chola period, along with subsequent kings like Hoysala and Vijaynagara rulers building other structures. Nandi hills also became popular when Tipu Sultan brought it under his rule, where he revamped the fort and much later it became a retreat for the British to use it as a getaway.

Early mornings or during evenings would be more pleasant rather than during the day, as it’s summer. Nandi hills is close to the airport and approximately 60 KM’s from the city. You can also choose to walk or trek or even cycle.

Fun fact: Nandi hills apparently resembles a sitting Bull( Nandi).

Mums and Stories gives it a 3.5 over 5

2) Yercaud

Yercaud is a hill station town in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.  Easily reachable by road in a span of three hours from Bangalore, this is a weekend destination. It lies in the Shevaroy Hills, known for their orange groves, and coffee, fruit and spice plantations.

We had been there a few years ago and there are a range of stay options. If it is a toddler or a groups of kids you want to take along as two families, Yercaud becomes a good option with boating, a mini zoo, couple of viewpoints and cooler weather to add to it. We have been here twice and we give it 4.5 over 5.

(Lake view at Yercaud). ( Photograph by Mums and Stories)


(Views from Yercaud.)

The other options we have come across but are yet to visit them are Yelagiri hills, again in Tamil Nadu and a perfect road trip option from Bangalore.


Again there are excellent view points, an artificial lake, parks and a temple to ensure visitors have enough to see and spend time over two days.

Also there is one more option of Horsely hills which is a series of hills in the Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh, again on a three hour drive from Bangalore. Horsley has great viewpoints as we are informed but not many stay options and makes for a great one day trip too. There are great viewpoints, a mini zoo, obviously cooler climate and ample time to unwind. These are smaller hill stations and make for a quick getaway.

So in case you are still planning on where to go this vacation, if at all it’s a cause of concern, you can think of quick weekend trips too to get refreshed and be back to the grind.

Happy Travelling!

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