January 18, 2021

Going Solo as a Mother On Travels- A few learning’s- A Blog Post

Going Solo as a Mother On Travels- A few learning’s

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It has been on quite a few times since I stepped out from my cocoon to explore holidays the way I wanted. Strangely the desire to go on a holiday, particularly solo as a woman, as a mother brings down numerous stares, expectations, assumptions and even theories on why you are going solo.

A recent trip again reinforced the assumption of people that there must be something wrong at home and this trip could be the outlet to let it go, the negative emotions.

Also one’s own family members can be concerned on your safety but when it becomes a little overpowering it doesn’t help the solo traveller.

So why should you go solo more than once?


As a mum when you are travelling alone, you realize how much you have been attuned to think on other’s concerns and solo gives you the opportunity to be free of any baggage. You are responsible for yourself. That according to me is a very important life lesson to be learnt as an individual and someone who can teach kids too.

Also the reason why I suggest more than once is because my first solo trip was very lonely. I realized only after coming back the things I missed by being over protective of myself.

As mums get more financially independent, it’s also important to realize that our choices, our plans can go very well or absolutely wrong but it would be our decision and these travels along with your family travels ensure you are more secure with yourself as an individual.

A few tips when you decide to go on a solo journey or the entire holiday.

Yes it can be a solo journey where you meet someone you know at the destination or be on your own all through the vacation.


  1. Get yourself technologically equipped. Have the phones work on Internet outside hotels in non wi-fi zones too, so that you can figure out routes, information to use for your day etc. Be alert but don’t over work yourself. You will be fine.

2)  Trust your instincts when it comes to handling with drivers, when shopping or going to restaurants. If something doesn’t feel good, quit and move to a safe space where you can be happy and relaxed.

3) Being on a solo holiday doesn’t mean you have to tick mark all the tourist points. It’s actually about exploring the destination and yourself. You can choose just two spots and be comfortable spending time there.

4) You are not obliged to answer anyone on your personal information, on family, travel plans. Weirdly I have had people asking me questions on where and if my family is fine or good with me being alone. I choose not to respond or just smile and ignore the question.


5) Do good amount of research on how would you like to spend the days at the destination and have it printed for easy reference.

6) Travel light. It’s great if you can pack everything in a back pack as it can be carried around easily.

7) Keep money in cash and card to be used alternatively and keep cash in different pockets apart from your handbag.

8) Try and pay for the hotel rooms in advance so that it is easier to travel light on money to be carried.

9) Try and use maps when moving from one destination or tourist point to another.

10) Choose hotel room in a central location and plan your dinners near to the hotel so that you are not panicking on getting back safely late evening.



As mentioned earlier, the entire holiday can be done alone or even the journey itself teaches one important lessons on how we know ourselves. The fun part is when you have questions from others which can get annoying too so learn on giving brief answers or not responding at all as you are not answerable to others.

Lastly it is so important to see a few sunrises, stars and sunsets in another destination, regardless of the distance as it gives you the time to reflect on yourself.

Take care, and do let me know your experiences of travelled solo or if you are planning one.

(From one mum to all those who love the world and loves travelling).

(All photographs belong to Mums and Stories and are under copyright).



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