June 25, 2021

Chaos at Keoladeo review on Mums and Stories


Over the weekend, we received this book and the young one at home came running asking about our next holiday, we have planned. With the book in his hand, I figured out that he has read on something that has caught his interest.

When probed on suggestions, he asked if we could go to Bharatpur bird sanctuary ever? The response to his question was perhaps it could be done. We have been to nearby bird sanctuaries in Karnataka, specifically at Ranganathittu bird sanctuary near Mysore and perhaps Bharatpur should come on our list, if possible, thanks to this book and the fascination it has caught on the young one’s mind.

It is interesting when you have books that make you want to visit that place. Chaos at Keoladeo is an entertaining read, perfect for 9 to 12 year olds. Written by Priya Fonseca this story captures the joy of visiting a bird sanctuary or even the jungle experience.

Bharatpur or Keoladeo sanctuary in Rajasthan is one of the largest in the country and the story with its characters of children visiting the bird sanctuary with their Uncle Avi on a holiday makes it to a good read. The story has good amount of information of various birds, illustrated very well by Zainab Tambawalla and the book uses real pictures of birds found, migratory birds visiting, information on how a few wild life sanctuaries got their names and so on.

Young readers in this age of 9 to 12 love exciting, little bit of adventure thrown in in their stories they read or the vacations they go for and Chaos at Keoladeo fulfills that part in bits and pieces.

Did you know:

Dr.Salim Moizuddin Abdul Ali was instrumental in making space for the area of Bharatpur to be declared as a sanctuary. He made bird watching a science when it was considered an idle pastime.  According to the book, his contribution towards wildlife conservation was huge. 

It’s a book for curious bird enthusiasts and may even make you consider one of your next vacations to be a bird sanctuary. Keoladeo is close to Agra and can be reached easily by Agra, Jaipur or Delhi.

Mums and Stories gives it a 5 on 5 .

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