January 18, 2021

Nora Bali talks on being an Internet savvy YouTube Mommy Blogger

Nora Bali is one of those moms who believes in going along with life phases and trying to balance work priorities and motherhood. She shares with Mums and Stories her journey. “Everything about my childhood was beautiful. When I was a child, the trees were higher, the colours were brighter, and every new day was more interesting that the last. We used to stay in a joint family way back in Bhubaneswar and all brothers and sisters used to play, fight, sing, dance in the same house and the most cherished time of my childhood was when our family used to sit on the terrace(which is pretty much the same till date) and play antakshari for hours.”


Talking about being a You Tube Mom Blogger Nora shares, “  I have a channel called  A Classic Mom  on YouTube. I gave up my corporate career in MarCom as I wanted to give all the time to my little bundle of joy who came into my life in the year 2012.

Spending the early years of motherhood with my little one was the most cherishing time filled with kisses, smiles, tears, hugs, a lot of poop, but most of all – a lot of love and joy! As I elevated from a toddler mom to a pre-schooler, there were many things I wanted to teach my son. Like most other moms, I used to take to the internet and YouTube to find answers to my never-ending questions about Parenting. I found hundreds and thousands of DIY videos and makeup tutorials on “how to look your best in a party” to “how to apply eyeliner in 30 secs” but there were no videos on “how to raise a smart kid”. I did not find anything on “how to make them confident?” or “how to travel with kids abroad”.

Incidentally, I had a long trip planned to the USA and had to travel with a 4-year-old and had no clue how to pack, where to go, what to feed etc. So, I decided that I am going to document every fun learning’s, tricks, and hacks, travel trivia that will help moms to plan their best trip with their kids. After I came back, I started my channel – A Classic Mom in  June 2017.

Every week I come up with two videos – one about the regular bouts of parenting experiences and tips on how to raise a smart and happy child; the second one is a cooking series where I cook new and interesting dishes for children.

My work like other jobs or careers has its pros and cons. Working with my child is the best possible thing I can do at this point of time. My son is extremely enigmatic in from of camera and he is very comfortable with it. In fact I think he is much better than me. He is so good that he runs his own channel – Lakshu Reviews. It’s a lot of fun during these video shoots but it is tiring too. I work according to his mood and schedule. I keep it very flexible.”

Nora believes in picking stories from everyday life. She goes on to explain, “ My naughty 7-year-old gives me enough content in a day’s time. Kids are so smart these days, no single books or methodology work when it comes to parenting. I create videos on ideas and tips that have worked for me. Maybe if you (as a mom) try the same giving your flavour it might give you best results.

(Nora with her adorable son Laksh)

I start my day early and hit the bed early with my son. When he is around it is pretty much running around him. I do my writing and scripting and part of my shoot when he is in school. Most of my videos involve my son too so I juggle his time in between his studies and hobby classes.’

This interesting mum shares she intends to continue being an Internet Yout Tube mommy for a long time.  Nora also says, the best thing about being a mom is to have this pint size human being around who makes you laugh, cry, sing, dance and do crazy things that you will not do normally.

Lastly, Nora has a few tips for other aspiring bloggers. “  I would say dive into blogging if you are passionate about writing your experiences about various aspects of motherhood. Don’t ride into this wave of blogging just for freebies. I would say because blogging has given the power to many to express and write what they feel, there has to be some sense of responsibility while doing so. Because we are in the age of Instagram and every moment is captured and showcased; lets collectively take a decision, to be honest to what we are doing. Only then the industry will take shape. YouTube is again an excellent platform to document and tell stories and it has opened avenues for so many talented people.

We at Mums and Stories wish Nora and her family the very best in life and we hope to see lots more interesting content and tips from this mum.

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