January 15, 2021

Review of She Can You Can on Mums and Stories


We received this super inspiring book on amazing icons a few weeks ago and it’s indeed a pleasure to recommend this book sent by The Little Book Worm.

So here a couple of points for which we loved this book.

It’s on Indian iconic women in alphabetical order right from Arunima Sinha, mountaineer to Homai Vyarawalla, photojournalist to Kalpana Chawla, astronaut to Laila Tyabji, crafts activist.

Few are past icons and several who are present today continue to inspire millions. The illustrations are very appealing and do create the right impact. Each icons life reads like a story and mini biography, in a language and tone that can be understood by kids.

The book is great for 8 to 12 year olds. So 26 role models, their life stories are featured.


Let’s begin describing one of the well known faces in sports, Saina Nehwal. Apparently when Saina was born, her grandmother was so upset that the child was a girl, she refused to meet her grand daughter for a whole month. Little did she know this child would be an icon.

Another icon Deepa Malik was diagnosed with a tumor in her spinal column. Yet she didn’t deter her physical condition in achieving anything she set her goal on in life. An Arjuna award winner, Deepa is a swimming champion, won silver medal in Para Olympics and her paralysis from waist down hasn’t made her path easy.

We truly loved the book as it does have a strong Indian connect for our kids to be inspired. Researched and written by Garima Kushwaha, illustrated very well by Anastasia Damani, the book is a must-have in every little girl’s book collection.

A line we loved in the Introduction, ” Women, yes all women can do anything they set their minds to. That includes winning against men at sports, piloting robots in outer space and running billion dollar companies.”

There are many more icons and we hope subsequent editions continues. Also we are glad to talk on ‘She Can, You Can at the time P.V Sindhu, the icon from sports who has made India proud.

Little Bookworms curates books for children according to the age group from 0 to 12 years of age. These are pre loved books and are excellent in selection and condition.

You can find Little Book Worms on https://littlebookworms.in/

Mums and Stories gives She Can, You Can 4 on 5.

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