June 25, 2021

Greeshma M Naidu on her ‘maa’

Mums and stories features a story of a daughter, Greeshma M Naidu who wants to share her perspective about her mother Vijayalakshmi. A mother who has stood for her children in difficult times of alcoholism and abusiveness in her home. It isn’t easy to share on a personal abusive past and we thank Greeshma to share this with us.


“I was born to the most beautiful woman, dusky beauty with long hair and a million dollar smile. My maa says I was treated like a princess as I was the first kid in the family. To be honest, I don’t remember those times. As I grew up I noticed that something in my family was not normal. There was too much pain, sorrow and abuse in the house. But, ‘maa’ always made sure that we were happy and kept saying everything was normal.

Now, I feel that she worked like a robot. To maintain the financial stability along with existing source of income, she worked as a teacher, came home and made sure that me and my brother ate well, handled other family issues, cared for everyone. Of course, she would never forget to pamper us.

As years passed I realized that alcoholism was the curse that had affected our family. It had snatched our happiness and deprived kids from their father’s love.

For the past 23 years she’s been managing the dual role of mother & father effortlessly. She sacrificed all her life just the sake of her kids. She made sure that me and my brother got the best in the world, to the extent possible.

We studied in one of the best institutions, wore the best outfits and had an admirable childhood materialistically. But emotional times have been tiring for her and us too. There have been times when people would hurt her so badly mocking at her situation, I have cried for it silently, but my maa just went ahead boldly. Her life ambition was clear – giving the best for her children.

Another factor that I strongly admire in her is how she handled me in different phases. Now, I’m a strong, independent woman, a budding journalist, writer and a researcher. I am also someone who is trying to strike a balance between my love for writing and cooking multiple cuisines.

Earlier, due to the unhealthy environment I grew up, I was a depressed child, arrogant teenager and was insecure too. The only medicine in all those phases was my maa’s love. She patiently moulded me with her love.

My father still lives with us and have often had my mom saying there are three kids at home she needs to take are of. My dad is quite old now and yes there have been arguments between us children and mom on my dad. But I would like to stress that in my opinion that no woman should take abuse. It will have terrible effects on kids, to an extent they can’t imagine. Maybe my mom loved her husband too much and that’s the way it has been. It would be unfair to judge her.

And I have to unabashedly admit my maa is my strength and my inspiration! My maa is a superwoman.”

It is heartening to see children acknowledging their parent’s role or mother’s role in their lives. Mums and stories wishes all the very best to Greeshma and her family.

One thought on “Greeshma M Naidu on her ‘maa’

  1. Greeshma’s mom’s story should be a lesson to teach women to stand against abuse, be strong , hold the anchor for the children as her mom did. If the mother had crumpled the children woukd have withered. Pray God give strenghth to women in abusive relations. May they stand strong and against it.

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