February 28, 2021

Christmas recommended stories for kids

Books that will indeed make the reading time lot warmer.

Particularly for William’s Winter wish, How to catch a Star and Danny and the Great White Bear, we recommend you read along with the child as a bed time story.

William’s Winter Wish is perfect in its theme of winter, white, wishing for snowflakes and everything that goes with the festive spirit.

The story penned by Gillian Shields and illustrated beautifully by Rosie Reeve is a delight. Published by Macmillan Children’s Books, the story is on young William who is actually a mouse.

He loves his Grandpa but something happens that he is guilty of and voila, he wants to correct it for his Grandpa.

It’s indeed a warm story and we recommend it for 4 to 9 years of age.

Other books for Christmas reading are Santa’s Ark by Cliff Wright which is a long read but thoroughly enjoyable for 4-10 years old kids.

There’s also Danny and the Great White Bear which is on a kid missing his dad whenever he is off to work for long duration and the bear that he has for company makes up for the absence.

With the Christmas theme and the stars and glitters a book that is really good in illustrations and simple story is How to catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers.

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