May 26, 2020

Niyati the fauji mom doodles to chalk out the quirky side of parenting

Meet a mum who loves to doodle and creates interesting snippets from life, motherhood, parenting and so many more. Niyati otherwise known as FaujiMom on Social media shares with Mums and Stories on connecting with parents through doodles.

Niyati is a stay-at-home mum, a freelance illustrator and finds two things on a common basis, Doodling and finding humour in life situations including parenting which is a dominant phase for this mum of two kids.

Niyati shares, “ Yes, I am a mom to two kids  born, raised and married into a fauji family . I feel parenting takes a little bit of ‘Faujiness’. Raising kids is the most important mission that takes guts, discipline, strategy and love. Fauji Mom is my take on life and parenting through doodles.

FaujiMom-Doodles by Niyati

I would like to believe that I have a knack for finding humor in daily life. I started drawing doodles on paper and uploaded online. The idea was to show the funny side of parenting. My doodles hit the right chord with parents who could relate to them. I took this as encouragement and started learning more from watching tutorials online. With a lot of practice, patience and some luck I graduated from paper to digital. I am still learning. I plan to study formally once my kids grow up a little and I have more time to myself.”

Talking about how it all began Niyati shares, “Faujimom began with the purpose of showcasing funny moments of being a parent. I am now using it as a platform to address some important topics that  matter to me. I actively participate in campaigns and share my views on gender equality, feminism, don’t judge a mom, breastfeeding, autism and down syndrome awareness etc. I hope to break stereotypes through my doodles.

I doodle about things that I understand. My best ideas come from my daily life. Motherhood is a big part of my life. You become a parent for life so motherhood will technically never end. I hope to keep drawing till I turn 80. Maybe then I can draw about grand parenting too.

 My advice to others who are interested in the creative side or want to get into it is to stay authentic. Do good work and don’t stress over followers. Slow and steady wins the race.”

We at Mums and Stories wish FaujiMom the very best in life and here’s the link to her Instagram page-

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