January 15, 2021

Arpna Vidushi says life in the corona times has brought the luxury of time with slow pace

Arpna Vidushi, a freelance newborn and maternity photographer is busy with her home since the last 40 days. Her day is busy with two kids, their activities, her daily schedule and getting used to a new normal in life.

Arpna lives in UAE and shares with Mums and Stories, “It has been month and a half now being  home bound. We started it well before the government imposed those restrictions on venturing outside.  It was rather a decision we made to keep family safe as we live abroad with two small kids with no family around.”

When asked if it has become overwhelming Arpna shares, “Overwhelming is an understatement! Keeping the two of them occupied while being confined indoors was a handful. Within a couple of days they were bored with pretty much all their toys and all the story books either turned humdrum or were torn to pieces. It took dozens of you-tube DIY videos, all available handicraft material couple of printer cartridges and a week of sleepless nights to create games , tutorials and activity sheet for them. End result , two happy chappies enjoying themselves indoors. And this also brought moments of impromptu hilarious photo shoots..

(photography by http://www.arpna.photography/ )

To begin with there were very cases reported in and around here in UAE  but as of now its 610 registered cases. Biggest concern was what if here too we have shortage of food and medical supply like the horror stories playing all over internet but thankfully all our supermarkets and pharmacies have adequate supplies and groceries are being home delivered as usual. There was little or no  panic shopping around here and the Government authorities were swift in issuing notifications and guidelines thus alleviating panic in public.

It is a difficult time for all of us. But as they say,  this too shall pass. It is kind of family time 24 hrs in the current times, so a bit of keeping a schedule helps in planning a day better for kids. I plan activities for the next day a night before, along with the food menu . Honestly, I haven’t been an organized person my whole life but I can see what big difference it has made.  Though my two boys are still very young, the elder on four & half and the younger on two years old, they have kind of understood that at the moment and our world is within our house and it will be a while before we venture out. We do lot of pretend play, cozy corners, tent plays  and picnic in our living room. The boys are getting equally creative and coming up with their own new ideas. The other day my elder one was having a go at couple of steel bowls with a spoon as his drum set and  the younger one was quick to put a spoon to his lips pretending to play it like a flute.

(Photography by Arpna Vidushi)

 Also the elder son has school run online classes going on and their amazing class teacher, yes the best teacher ever ,  puts some real creative videos with activities everyday on you tube and that is of immense help in keeping the boys occupied for a couple of hours .

My kid’s daily planner involves a lot of different activities focusing on developing different skills. Everyday we make a point to get our boys on a video call with our  family members or friends back home , so that they don’t feel isolated and connect with others part from just their Dad and Mom. We play music, dance , jump around  and have fun and workout at the same time. “

Arpna has a few suggestions for others, based on her experience. “ I know it’s easier said than done but this is the reality. We all know how isolation can affect one’s mental health.  Being 90’s kid I start my day listening to songs and music I grew up with. Being a mother is a round the clock job and this makes it all the more vital to have some me time to gain our bearing , so make sure you have your some me-time , however brief, and do something that helps you unwind. Our kids may not remember this Corona scare but these unusual times and how they spent it  with us and experiences we gave them, will remain with them forever and help them emerge and evolve as the person they will be tomorrow. So make sure it’s a good experience for them and you too. Talking to family and loved one helps and everyone is aware of the unpleasant stuff, so my telephonic conversation with family and friends is not about an increase in corona cases, instead we talk about our kids and exchange food recipes with limited resources or about recent web series we saw on Netflix or book we are reading.

(Photography by Arpna Vidushi)

In these tricky circumstances , social media could be overwhelming with news or how people are enjoying quarantine good food, beautiful house and doing parenting so right, but always remember it’s never the resources but the state of mind that defines ones happiness.  Yes I am guilty of complaining how my kids are giving me hard time and I am sure it’s equally difficult for other mums around but the bottom line is to draw strength from our Motherhood . While we may have hit a trough , let’s focus on things in our control and keep striving to the best for our families within our capacity and stop worrying about the rest.

On a hindsight , Life having slowed down a bit, brings the luxury of time , so let’s  enjoy the sunrise and sunset with a cuppa of tea or coffee with our loved ones and catch up with friends and family for all the time that we never seemed to have.

Being a freelance photographer I don’t have any project at the moment. I am looking at the positive changes it has bought. I am learning to be an organized person my kids are helping me with whatever I am doing. I am able to home school my kids which I wanted at some point in time. I am not thinking about the future too much as its unpredictable. I am focusing on what is in my control learning new things improving my skills so i am better prepared when things get back to normal.”

Wishing Arpna the very best and hoping things will be normal soon for her and family. Photography credits- Website- http://www.arpna.photography/

Arpna can also be reached at

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(Photography by Arpna Vidushi)

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