May 12, 2021

Dr. Apoorva Pallam Reddy talks on how expecting mums can take care of themselves during Covid

Mums and Stories is glad to bring this interesting story on Mother’s Day.

It was actually a dance video that Dr. Apoorva Pallam Reddy from Bangalore had participated along with many other doctors which caught our attention. The medical fraternity has become the spotlight of the society in every country and there is immense pressure to handle the pandemic well.

Dr. Apoorva is a gynecologist and mum to seven-year-old twins and someone who pursues various interests.  She shares with Mums and Stories, “I had an early marriage in my early twenties and I was finishing my medical degree. Soon I was a mum and had the dilemma of balancing on one hand my new career as a doctor and dealing with the fresh phase of my life-motherhood.

Thankfully, coming from a family of doctors where my mom is also a gynecologist, dad a neurosurgeon and husband a cardiologist, I could focus on my career. However I have to admit that it was initially quite overwhelming.

 The most interesting part of motherhood is that it made me understand actually what women go through in reality during pregnancy and childbirth. It is much more than just text book knowledge. I also remember calling my mom so many times during my pregnancy and asking her questions which I already knew the answers for as a doctor but not as a pregnant mom.  

Certain things in life your doctor can assure you but for many others it’s your mom whose advice will be treasured.

Coming to the present situation and role during this global pandemic crisis, since the last one month it has been a super anxious stage for doctors, nurses and other medical staff. It is obviously stressful for expecting mums but doctors are trying their best to ease off the stress. I have handled close to 20 deliveries since the last one month and it has been challenging.

Luckily my kids are elsewhere during this phase and it’s good for them.  The Corona Virus is a new medical condition and we as doctors are expected to be aware, alert and help in managing every pregnant woman and child’s safety, our medical staff safety and that of ours too.

In order to increase safety measures, most hospitals have made it mandatory  for expecting mums  in the last trimester and soon expecting a baby to be medically tested for Covid. Pregnant women and thereafter once they take the baby should ensure they maintain hygiene protocols and strict rules of social distancing. Expecting mums and new mums need to understand this is a different pregnancy, a new scenario of childbirth protocols and special care for the new born baby.”

She shares five essential tips for Pregnant mom’s in COVID

  1. Stay home, sanitize and follow social distancing.
  2. Consult your doctor online whenever possible and make sure you don’t miss your scheduled visits. Always take an appointment before Visiting in person.
  3. Ensure that you don’t miss the 2 most important scans of Pregnancy- NT scan (11w-13w6d) and Anomaly scan (18w-20w).
  4. Continue taking vitamin supplements to build immunity.
  5. Do not indulge in stressful or negative thoughts. We are doing our best and beyond to ensure you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
(Dr. Apoorva Pallam Reddy)

Dr. Apoorva also feels women need to figure out how to make time for that ‘me time’. She shares, “ I have been trained in classical dance and the video put us doctors together in a fun way during the phase where it is stressful at work. I would also like to tell women to take care of themselves along with family needs. Women tend to entangle their lives so much that they find it difficult to find their own little space.

It is important for women to loosen up and find their own space and interests to keep them happy. It could be doing a workout, finding time every week to pursue music, dance, paint, in fact anything where you don’t bother about what’s happening at work, in the kitchen, kids, laundry or any chore.

Lastly I also feel motherhood is the opportunity for a woman to give unconditional love and this needs to be cherished.”

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