January 15, 2021

Twisha Vasandani lockdown time has turned to bring in many realizations that are positive.

Meet Twisha Vasandani who talks about her lockdown story with Mums and Stories. “I have been a part of the beauty industry for more than 12 years now.  Incidentally the lockdown hasn’t brought too many changes to my working schedule.  I have been working from home, even before the lock down as it is a startup. I was required to travel only for meetings, which I used to schedule around my son’s school timings.

Now, the meetings are telephonic which again are mostly team meetings than client ones, so I am able to take the liberty to schedule it even at 10 pm. Initially, it was a little difficult, the settling in period, calls would keep coming, I had errands to run and a hyper 6-year-old who might need attention at the same time. Then some time management kicked in and I started slotting the chores and work and surprisingly found enough time to draw and play snakes and ladder with my son.

Twisha with her son-Photograph subject to copyright

To talk about myself, well, I am a passionate person. It is what drives me as an individual. I have to be madly in love with the things I do in life, be it baking or my work or even a yoga session. I need to be consumed by it or I just don’t care. Unfortunately, for me, there isn’t a middle path.

Regarding the ongoing global crisis, I have come across some of the most beautiful realisations in life. Like for instance, I feel that children understand a lot more than we give them credit for. Initially, i was hesitant to talk to my 6 year old about COVID, thinking he wouldn’t understand the technicality of a disease. But surprisingly, he now knows about virus and contamination and why taking care of oneself is important. I also realized that doing mundane chores is a blessing. I never found time to sit and pity myself or discuss endlessly ki áb kya hoga?’ There was work all the time that required to be completed- like the house required to be cleaned, mouths had to be fed and brand communications had to go out.

I also feel people had started to notice nature again! I hope it is here to stay. I sincerely hope we find ways to live in harmony again. It’s so important to be sustainable, find ways for a circular economy, reduce wastage and give back to Mother Nature.”

As Twisha works for with the beauty industry, she shares her tips for healthy skin. Firstly I don’t believe in the mainstream beauty standards or thriving to be ‘flawless’. Skin needs to be healthy, hydrated and happy!

However if it needs to be specified, then please cleanse – exfoliate and moisturize (even oily skin need moisturizers) and this needs to be set to your daily routine.

 Secondly always wear a sunscreen when going out – try using a physical sunscreen like a zinc oxide based one than a chemical one, as it is less harmful for the environment. Sun exposure is the biggest cause for premature ageing and pigmentation. Thirdly use Vitamin- C based products which are great for glow while retinol is great for anti-ageing but if you combine them together or layer them, will make them loose their efficacy. So, always ensure that you use Vitamin- C at day time and Retinol at night.”

Lastly as someone who loves wearing sarees shares, “Saree is the most sustainable fabric ever known to mankind! It is a zero wastage attire, slow fashion and incredibly versatile. These are the reasons why I like to promote a saree, but for me personally, it’s about going back to my roots. It is connecting with my nani, my dadi, my mom…most of my saree are their sarees. It is a sense of belonging, – a source of happiness. And when find your happy place, it shows on your skin.”

As a final point Twisha adds that we need to be more accepting of ourselves, which can be a life changer.”

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  1. Heartwarming depiction of your care for the elders and your son. He is toooo cute. Deepa has a beautiful girl on her side who shares the joys and sorrows with equal ease. God bless you, my dear. And I may keep in touch with you as I am planning to set up a small unit in Jharkhand for manufacturing the raw materials for beauty products.

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