April 11, 2021

Kavitha Muniraj says treat this lockdown as an opportunity to spend with your family

Kavitha is a working professional, a mum based in Germany and wants to share her perspective of being under a lockdown. Kavitha Muniraj shares with Mums and Stories , “Home is where the heart is’ says a popular saying, but many of us are so busy in our lives that we are spending more and more time at work or traveling or commuting for business. We are not really finding time to be home with our family. For some working away from home, staying at hotels, hostels or temporary accommodations have been necessary to fulfill their educational or career obligations.

But this unforeseen recent outbreak has disrupted the lives of human kind bringing it to a staggering halt.

Things are getting back to normal at a very slow pace but there is improvement and this is what we must look forward to and have hope in.

What has this crisis done to our everyday life? We are in lockdown and asked to remain indoors.  On the positive side, it has given us more time to spend with our family and loved ones. Can you imagine getting such a prolonged period of time to stay with your family under the same roof 24/7 any other time? No right, So let us try and enjoy this phase.

We are working parents and this has given us more time to be with our daughter. We are there for all her meals and sleep routines. My husband finds more time to read to my daughter and tuck her into bed every night. He is teaching her to ride her first cycle, I am teaching her to paint.

We enjoy playing together in our garden and go for evening cycle rides and for a small trek to the vineyards nearby whenever the weather is good, which otherwise would have only been a weekend activity. We have more energy to jump and play with our daughter which otherwise was the energy we would have spent on commuting.

My daughter is the most happy I have seen her. She just loves having both of us around her all the time giving us a great time to bond as family. Well there is definitely going to be a slight struggle when she needs to return back to her daycare in a couple of months, but till then why not enjoy this wonderful time right?

We are able to complete and strike most things off our  house ‘To Do’ list, be it gardening or cleaning or even a small thing like hanging a painting on the wall. I have more time now to plan my cooking which otherwise was always an instant idea based cooking. I am experimenting more with new ingredients and recipes. I am  enjoying my reading time and was able to finish my recent buys. Video chat with my family back home and with my friends have topped the list of the weekend activities. Yes, our TV and internet time has also doubled but that’s ok right? We need to relax and enjoy some entertainment and not be guilty about it. We will survive and be back in business in a couple of months, but we will cherish all these lovely moments for years to come.”

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