September 22, 2020

Review of Strange and Mysterious Places the World Forgot

The pandemic has ensured we don’t think of travel of immediately for the next few months or even a year. Yet reading about some places in the country brings a rush of memories or want you to travel again. That’s the book Strange and Mysterious Places the World Forgot by Arthy Muthanna Singh and Mamta Nainy.

Published by Rupa Publications, the chapters caught the kid’s interest with the word Mysterious. What definitely catches the eye are the interesting titles that make you want to read upon the place. The very first place featured is of Roopkund lake, a glacier lake in the Himalayas. However what makes the destination spooky was the discovery of close to 300 skeletons from the lake. Now there have been various theories on who it could be or was it suicide or mass murder? Read the book to know more.

What excited me was reading  on one of the longest walls in India or perhaps even the world. Kumbalgarh fort is majestic, grandeur and stands like an architectural wonder amidst the Aravalli forest. My own trip to Udaipur-Kumbalgarh brought back the memories and it was good to read in detail.

(A glimpse of the Kumbalgarh fort) ( Picture by Mums and Stories)

However what caught the child’s interest was on a beach in Odisha which disappears every day. Reading about it the kid came running when we were going to head to Odisha. That’s the power of good books that can bring the interest in the reader.

The book touches on various destinations across the country and is great for a read and make readers to travel again to chosen places. This time perhaps we can add a few strange, mysterious and spooky places too.

(The beautiful Lepakshi’s architectural wonder). Photograph by Mums and Stories

Read the book to find on where you can find the Hanging Pillar, the Church that drowns and re appears every year, The Mini Taj where it is not in Agra or about the Gate with a blood history.

There are illustrations that go with each chapter but perhaps true pictures or photographs could have made the book even more travel appealing. The book is the second part of a series and a great read for 7-12 years olds.

Mums and Stories loved the book and yes we do have the Church to visit, which we missed during our last travel near Sakleshpur and the beach that disappears twice a day.

Mums and Stories gives the book 4 on 5 and you can access the book here

(Reshma Krishnamurthy reviewed the book on behalf of Mums and Stories)

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