September 22, 2020

Review of Aarya featuring Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen makes a roaring comeback on the small screen.  With lockdown and the world having changed for good for now, it doesn’t look like many of us will be keen to watch movies on the big screen.

For Aarya on Disney plus Hotstar, it couldn’t have asked for a better timing as largely urban households are looking forward to go on binge watching on OTT platforms. The series is based on Dutch series Penoza (The Black Widow).

(Image courtesy-Republic world)

What we particularly liked is Sushmita Sen is portrayed as a strong woman who knows her strengths and weakness. She’s a stay at home mum, with three kids but extremely secure in her space. She also loves being the independent woman she is and very much in-charge of her life.

Circumstances lead the leading lady to take over her husband’s business and it truly gets dirty with all the murk of dealing with an uncomfortable business of drugs and crime. She knows it to handle it despite making mistakes and enjoying small triumphs along the way.

The series is a great watch and good with kids but strictly above 15 years of age.

 Sushmita and Chandrachur Singh (of Maachis film fame), yes he’s back on the small screen after a long hiatus and they both look good together though he’s slightly overweight which makes him look realistic to most men of his age and Sushmita is flawless in her image which many women try to achieve in their real life too.

It doesn’t matter Sushmita is portrayed as belonging to the ultra-wealthy family and everything looks so superficial. What stands apart is that you tend to fall in love with Sushmita the woman, the mom, the never giving up attitude and appreciate her sense of alertness and quick thinking. Also her role as a mother to a teen to an eight year old to her attitude towards a growing son to a daughter is beautifully sketched.

Watch it now if you haven’t or plan this weekend.

Here’s the trailer –

Mums and Stories gives it a 4.5 on 5

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