April 17, 2021

Zee5 Club Subscription Plan brings in Seamless Affordable Entertainment right to your homes

It’s been so long since I have been to a mall or gone to a theatre and we all know the reason. Don’t we? Thankfully OTT platforms recognized the need to bring good entertainment for movie lovers and content driven audiences. Now that need is seen fulfilled with quality entertainment delivered right at home with a platter.

ZEE5 has launched ZEE5 Club Pack which has host of value added entertainment features that range from movies, serials and others, right from crime thrillers to action, romantic, drama and movies in regional languages. The variety is getting interesting and tempting for viewers to make such content driven platforms a part of their life.

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Much loved Zindagi shows included in the pack

There are enough reasons why ZEE5 Club Pack is the best value if you love family entertainment. You get to watch ALT Balaji shows which come within the pack offerings. ZEE5 has ensured audiences get to watch the much loved Zindagi shows like ‘Badi Aapa, Baaghi, Ishq Gumshuda, Baba Jani’ on the platform. Audiences also have the advantage of watching serials before it gets released on television and also have a good ad-free entertainment watching experience. Serials like Kumkum Bhagya which have been a favourite with audiences can now be watched on ZEE5 Club Plan.

(Image Source- Zee5.com)

Personalized and Curated content tailor-made to suit preferences

Again it is not just Hindi but host of regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bangla, Malayalam which again has many good movies, Marathi and other Indian languages, movies are being streamed. Being from the state of Karnataka, I was glad to find see various Kannnada films being streamed. So you have the 90’s and the classics too featuring iconic actors.  Its tailor-made content is intended to give viewers the true experience of ‘value for entertainment’. This is a major advantage for audiences as entertainment is becoming more personalized and curated to suit variety of preferences.

International films get streamed on Zee5 Club

International films like Korean and Turkish ones which are dubbed and curated that are available in this subscription plan.

(Image Source- Zee5.com)

Affordable becomes the highlight of the quality content pack

The ZEE5 Club Pack is also an affordable entertainment pack priced at the fee of Rs, 365/- per annum. While the ZEE5Premium pack of Rs, 999/- has its own set content, The ZEE5 Club Pack is for those viewers who can choose good entertainment at affordable prices. A lot of content is especially curated for women audience. So this makes it a great value for this audience set including stay-at-home mums, to access good entertainment right at their homes.

One can get enriched content right on mobiles or browsers which are connected to television sets, so one can stream on multiple devices.

So whether it is crime thrillers or drama or action-oriented films or romantic movies, the ZEE5 Club pack has all of them for the viewer.

Mums and Stories found this pack offering a good option as an entertainment value pack.

Join ZEE5 Club now – https://www.zee5.com/club-pack For more details log on to https://www.zee5.com/

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