April 11, 2021

Milk Time gets interesting for kids with ONELIFE GOPROKYDZ

The child at home is literally indoors apart from a few occasions. We have been grappling with this new way of living with less sunshine, less play, fewer outings or none at all and many more subtle every day added adjustments in life. The Pandemic is a reality in 2020 and so does everyone think of immunity and nutrition regardless of the ages of the family members.

So what has considerably changed in urban Indian homes is the how we are increasingly paying attention to meals, nutrition and overall health.

With largely all meals getting prepared at home, we are choosy on what can be cooked, what’s healthy and how to control our temptations in terms of what comes on the plate. At home, food is a cherished aspect as we are experimental. We have elaborate sessions where the child gets involved in cooking, thanks to the lockdown and pandemic which is ensuring everyone up skills their life skills. 

So along with everything else, the child at home is really involved in one particular ritual and that’s milk time at home. Now, I have heard many moms talking about reasons why milk isn’t essential for growing kids, others saying their kids detest milk even when it combined with amazing flavours. But in our home it’s a different problem.  We have to create different flavours, stories weaved in for milk time and the child doesn’t miss even one day without milk.

To the delight of the child at home, we received a daily nutritional formula based energy drink- ONELIFE GOPRO KYDZ – a pack of 250gms in chocolate flavour. The product comes in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours. Chocolates, being a favourite for the child at home was delighted to find this flavour energy nutritional drink reaching home.


ONELIFE GOPRO KYDDZ is an energy drink and it makes milk taste much better for all those who don’t prefer having milk in its plain form. With less sugar as the key part in the energy drink, there is more reason for parents or moms to be happy as it doesn’t contribute to unnecessary sugar intake on a daily basis.

So here’s what we felt on the product.

ONELIFE GOPRO KYDZ is tasty and we loved the Chocolate flavour. We are yet to taste the Vanilla flavour ones and we are sure it will be equally appealing with kids.

We tried the drink as a warm beverage on a cold- weather day like it is generally here during the monsoons. We have loved its warm taste lingering on the taste buds.

Product description

OneLife GOPRO KYDZ is a nutritional supplement specifically designed to support the nutritional requirements of children above 5 years.

The product is nutraceutical not for medicinal use.

Reasons to choose ONELIFE GOPRO KYDZ

  • Nutrients for Brain Development- Herbal blends like Brahmi, Ashwagandha are used in the product.
  • Nutrients for Better Immunity- 27 micro nutrients are present to boost immunity.
  • Nutrients for Bone and Muscle Development- Calcium extracts, Protein sources including Skimmed Milk Powder, Whey Protein concentrate are used for optimal growth of growing children.
  • The pack comes in a durable container and comes in a pack of 250gms. You can have more information on ONELIFE GOPRO KYDZ

Mums and Stories found it to be good and gives it 4 on 5 for its less sugar component and making it flavorful and tasty with all the right ingredients included in a nutritional supplement, much required for growing children. Especially during the time of pandemic where we are dealing with new viruses across the world, we find this product as a good additional source of nutrition.

(Reshma Krishnamurthy from Mums and Stories received this product for a review)

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