June 25, 2021

Summer holidays and the memories it brings for us moms

Purvi is a mum with many creative interests. She shares in this blog how she stumbled upon her old creations, drawings done during her school holidays.

It is true that we go to our childhood memories, get drifted in thoughts when we find our kids doing similar things that we did like screaming for more mangoes on the plate, trying to make paper planes and boats and trying to sail it. We also have those memories coming back when we find our kids in summer camps, classes, them spending holidays way different from ours.

Purvi shares, “Oh so finally exams are over and again the summer holidays are here !

I was just looking at my childhood sketch book (almost 15-18 Years old) and was thinking how we used to enjoy holidays in summers in our childhood with our colours , pencils , crayons and just a sketch book !! No classes and no more routine for summer holidays!

Still we used to have our routine – We used to get up early in the morning and love to go for walk with friends, used to climb on mango trees just to have fun, then going to garden to play in sandpit and getting our cloths dirty!!

We used to play cricket, basketball, badminton and love to ride bicycles and play with roller skates. It was memorable.

I’m not telling we never had screen time in our generation. Yes we did that too. We used to play video games- Mario, Contra , Iceland etc and used to watch TV for some time but that was not that much interesting as we love to play out doors. And in my free time I loved to make sketches and dolls and cards for my loved ones some of them are still preserved in my home as my childhood memories

So mommies how your holidays are going?? I would love to share my personal experience from my childhood that please allow your kid to choose one hobby with all his/her heart .

Request you not to force them to learn something which is in demand or you want them to do it!

Let them choose their hobby because their choice of doing something which they like will help them in future whenever they will feel alone or bored they can pursue their art !

As my mom always says, “One day everyone will leave you for some or other reasons but only one thing will remain with you forever is your hobby so just do it and one day you will fall in love with your own work”.

I used to be housewife and started working two years back in kindergarten, just because I have got the work which I love to do.

So mom’s sharing with you all my 15-18 years old sketches which I found it at my mom’s place😇

And also sharing some of my latest work which I’m doing from last 4-5 days at moms place my felt dolls !!

Cheers to good holidays and memories being created.”

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