June 25, 2021

Hanuman and the Little Boy A Diwali Adventure

It’s December and we are literally flooded with books at home. However a book that is worth the attention is a customised version of how you want to celebrate a festival or even as a gifting option.

Hanuman and the Little Boy A Diwali Adventure is on a family celebrating Diwali. Hanuman comes to meet a little boy and that little one can be your child or anyone you know and want to gift a lovely book. The book is customised with personal messages and the child’s name is alongside the story.

If you haven’t introduced Ramayana as a story or want to narrate in a fun way, this book can do a little more magic for young kids.

The book we received is for a child who’s named Aarav and you will find lots of pages where Hanuman addresses the child, takes him to Lanka, talks about saving Lakshman. The story can even be part of a birthday celebration where the customised story is narrated.

What we loved most are the pictures and the paper quality. Also the story is true in its intent and doesn’t digress too much though this is a shortened version of a part of the Ramayana story.

Perhaps customised books will be a more newer format of introducing special books to children. Mums and Stories recommends it for 4 to 8 year olds. Published by Apicbook and written by Vasu Mullapudi, illustrations by Ishan Trivedi, this book gets a sure thumbs up from us. The book can also be customised to Christmas and New Year themes. You can get more details here- https://in.apicbook.com/

We are sharing two pictures of the book on Christmas theme, though we haven’t seen them personally.

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