June 6, 2023

ET Mother and Child Panel discussion on Motherhood- Conducive and Non Conducive Parenting

Panel discussion on Motherhood

It was a pleasure to be on an esteemed panel where right from celebrities to other mom bloggers to the moderator – Dr. Kanan Katau, Psychologist, who had researched well enough to ask the right questions and understand its challenges.

Right from Perizaad Zorabiaan , actress, mum, entrepreneur to Nidhi Bruce, a mom blogger at Typewriter Mom, Dr. Vikas Satwik, Pediatrician at Motherhood hospitals and Founder of Mums and Stories, Reshma Krishnamurthy all of us had an interesting conversation.

Key Notes from the discussion

“ I falter every week and do feel I am rising again in this parenting game”- Reshma Krishnamurthy

“My hugest vulnerability as a parent has been my ambition. However even though I have a very stressful job as I head Sales and Marketing at my venture, my identity comes from my children and their acceptance.” – Perizaad Zorabian

“I was caught with the dreaded virus of Covid and it was at that time I felt vulnerable. But the family managed as they are resilient, capable and much more. “- Nidhi Bruce

“I struggle to give time to family and its indeed a challenge as I am a doctor and a father. I feel kids have equal expectations from their mother and their father. – Dr. Vikas Satwik

On a question on this overdose of screen time during 2020, all the parents on the panel agreed that it was a mammoth task to keep kids away from digital devices. The digital parenting scenario is real with online schools, online activities, online entertainment and much more.

Answering the question, Nidhi further shared that during the lockdown and whatever is possible for kids, she ensures, the kids get some physical activity, to balance the impact of screens. Perizaad shared that she as a mum is struggling with the digital enforcement in life and the pandemic has heightened the mode. Reshma shared she’s struggling too and there are actual boundaries  to be off screen digital devices.

Dr. Vikas added that he recommends that less than five years, kids should be off screen completely. Online is an artificial medium. Kids need to be in the real world with real people having real conversations and connections.

Here’s sharing a short video snippet from the discussion. Hope you enjoy it.


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