October 4, 2022

Savanadurga a trek you should do if you are in Bangalore

Holidays are indeed becoming a privileged affair, especially if one has to think of leaving the city and going to a new destination.

Again, the very idea of holidays too is changing with far more importance given to lesser crowds, social distancing, freedom to remove the mask where required to name a few.

With news and fears on new strains of Covid and everything associated with it, everyone is largely looking forward to a stress free time.

What has worked for us as a family is our new found love to explore mountains, which can be trekked and gives one the freedom to enjoy nature.

Last weekend we went to Savanadurga, a destination which is approximately 60 kms away from Bangalore and is also a temple destination.

For those who believe and would like visit the revered Hindu God, the foothills has an iconic Laxmi Narayan Swamy temple. There are other temples in the adjoining area too where devotees come to pray.

Savandurga is primarily formed by two hills Karigudda(Black hill in Kannada language) or Biligudda ( White hill). Apparently the one on Biligudda is easier and does not require forest officials permission.

Many visitors however come for trekking and climbing the massive steep monolith hill which forms the perfect backdrop for the temple.

We reached a little late around 11 am and would recommend to visit early morning to avoid sunshine and capture breathtaking views from the hill. The climb is adventurous and does test your stamina. So its from moderate to difficult levels in terms of trekking. Wear comfortable clothing, good shoes and do check weather conditions before heading out to Savanadurga. It is preferred if it is sunny so that you can reach early and manage the trek.  I wouldn’t recommend it during rainy season as it will be slippery.

Savanadurga monolithic hill- One of the largest monolithic hills in Asia. Photograph by Mums and Stories

Kids are going to love it and so will you, if you have an appetite for exploring destinations that are off beat and not necessarily on the luxury path.

While there are small stalls like tender coconut vendors or small stores, it’s best to have breakfast on the way or plan it later. You can visit the temple and climb the hill like we did and head back after a beautiful picturesque climb.

Photograph of Laxinaryanswamy temple. Savanadurga. January 2021. By Mums and Stories

There were enthusiastic visitors who had brought their own breakfast/ snacks but had to keep the curious monkeys away.

The hill is steep and it’s highly advisable to wear good trekking shoes. We managed to reach only until the first fort wall. Apparently there was lot more to climb and explore with even a Nandi statue and absolute breathtaking views .

Also, the undiluted breeze, cold winds, breathtaking views from Savanadurga hills are worthy to do a visit.

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