March 28, 2023

Photographs of the Reading Circle in Bangalore

It has been a long overdose of online meetings and story sessions. While we don’t rule it out as the possibility to connect and chat up and of course read together too. However it is much more fun when kids meet up, get a book along, read a book, observe nature and have fun.

And that’s exactly what happened last weekend when we had our first batch of kids in 2022 turn up with their parents for the Reading Circle session by Mums and Stories.

Along with reading books, meeting other kids, listening to their conversations and sitting under open skies we had a small group that hoped to meet up again.

Here is a picture of the event and if you want to enroll in our session reach us at

Reading Circle by Mums and Stories

We are planning a storytelling, reading, book exchange (for the event) program for July and you can reach us for the tickets. The event will be for 5-9 year old kids.

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