March 29, 2023

How to Live Your Life by Ruskin Bond

One of India’s most loved authors Ruskin Bond decides to write a lengthy and personal letter to his readers and that effort has been turned into a book with ‘How to Live Your Life’ by Ruskin Bond.

Published by HarperCollins, illustrated by Shamika Chaves, the book talks to the reader as a friend and Mr. Bond shells out advice as a well-wisher.

How to Live Your Life by Ruskin Bond

One can take it as motivational quotes, or a good friend talking about life and goals but it does offer snippets how one can pursue certain goals.

Once you realise you have a talent, you must hang on to it, my friend. It has been given to you by God, or by Providence, or the DNA of your ancestors, and you must put it to good use in order to justify your presence on planet Earth. It may take years to become a successful writer or artist or singer or creative craftsman; It takes effort and commitment. But the goal is worth striving for. Move forward. Don’t look back’

( An excerpt from the book).

There are nice pictures of the author, Ruskin Bond and it is a like a must-have book for every Bond’s fan.

We had a contest too and we had one of Bond’s fan from Mumbai chosen as the winner.

Mums and Stories recommends the book for all the fans of Ruskin Bond.

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