January 23, 2021

Me, my angel and my super mum-Akshata Ramesh

Akshata Ramesh, a successful chartered accountant working in an investment bank along with being a successful blogger, shares with ‘Mums and Stories’, her biggest inspiration in life- her mum Sunita

“A huge inspiration in a little one’s life is the one in whose shades the little one takes those first steps; the one who teaches him values and much more.

For me, my mum has always been a very big source of inspiration. Her grit, determination, resilience, her never-to- give-up attitude at any age has never been a barrier. It has made me achieve my dreams and helped me in being what I am today.

She took up varied professions, starting with working in a bank and then moved to a government sales job, got pregnant and decided she wanted to be a homemaker for the simple reason that her mom was not one and she wanted her children to not miss those things that she missed in her childhood. At the same time, she was not among one to sit idle.

She started taking tuitions at home. In fact her classes became very popular as well. She later moved to handling a catering business and then due to monetary constraints had to take up a job at a call center. Working with computers amongst people half her age, was no easy feat.

Anyone else would probably have not been able to last that long but she worked for 7 years, learnt so much about corporate life, technical stuff and above all it enriched her as a person.

She then took up a Montessori teaching course at the age of 51, when most of us are sticking cozily in our jobs or resting in the confines of our homes.

She worked night shift, attended classes in the day, completed assignments, studied, wrote exams, cooked and did the household chores too, I always asked her “But when do you sleep Mumma?”.

As always, she passed with flying colours and was offered a job in the institute where she studied. She then got the job of a coordinator in a reputed school and is now a principal of a school.

Life has indeed come full circle for her. From someone who decided to be a stay-at- home mom as she wanted to be with her kids in those formative years to a career woman who fuelled her passion, overcame all obstacles and shone.

Presently I am a mum to an eleven month old baby and have named her ‘Angel’. My mom lives with me and her advice to me is to be always be self reliant. Life teaches you many lessons and some of them come the hard way. Don’t be afraid for whether you win or loose it will always leave you richer with experiences. Don’t make anyone indispensable in your life, learn to be strong, don’t have too much expectations from anyone for its only you who would end up getting hurt eventually. Learn to fight your own battles by yourself, believe in yourself and victory will be yours.

I have always felt why I should look elsewhere for a role model when I have one right here at home. I only wish I can set the right example before my daughter and influence her positively to dream big, have the courage to chase her dreams and be fearless in pursuing her goals.”

Mums and stories feels Akshata has two angels in life. We wish her to stay blessed.


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