April 11, 2021

Supriya Narang says homeshooling should be be taken up if you are invested in it

Last week on Mums and Stories Facebook page we had a guest, a homeschooling parent, Supriya Narang who came and addressed several concerns while sharing her routine with her child.

This was Facebook live session and according to Supriya who is a mum to a seven-year-old and who has been homeschooled right from the beginning says, even during lockdown her routine was setting up breakfast together with her son. She also shared that as a parent it’s important to have to organise hours of the day with art, craft, household chores according to the child’s age and interest.

In reading Supriya suggests not just books like board books or others which are physical books but also audio books, Ebooks too.

During the live session she also shared how she and her child loved making something everyday in cooking, which need not be complicated but is fun to do so.

Supriya also spoke on movement based activities like dance, chores and take up activities with the help of music-Alexa.

During more home time, Supriya suggests activities like watch something grow with seeds planted, observing them grow, add the routing of watering them and discuss on them too.

With games she spoke on her home games like card games, pillow fights, indoor football, treasure hunt, blanket forts to name a few.

This homeschooling parent also had a suggestion that in case parents are thinking of homeschooling for a year or more considering the pandemic situation or thinking of alternatives to regular schooling, she shares, it’s advisable to de school, give time to understand how the child learns, grasps concepts. She suggests it can be taken as a weekend activity like a Sunday where you spend the time with the child without learning agenda. This could give you insights on how your child learns and gives that much needed quality time.

Supriya further during the live session shared on her way of prioritising life skills, including cook, clean,wash, care in kids to learn. She also shared on few homeschooling groups and books that could help parents to know more on this subject. She also stressed on the importance of the parent’s mental health and the child’s mental health which needs to be valued and if homeschooling can bring that comfort, it should be taken up.

Supriya also runs her facebook page to chronicle her journey and help others in homeschooling. Check the link here- https://www.facebook.com/thishomeschoolinglife/

Watch the live session here-

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