October 4, 2022

More than words can express- Priya Shetty

Priya Shetty, a mum who has shared a happy travel experience with her kid earlier today shared this poem with Mums and stories.
“My husband is a maxillofacial surgeon . He is associated with an international charity organization for children called ‘Smile train’.Smile train provide free treatment to children born with cleft lip and palette.He has been doing these surgeries even before we got married. Whenever I see the ‘before ‘and ‘after ‘pictures of tiny tots on his laptop I have always secretly admired the courage of the parents and of the babies themselves.

Today being Diwali, I was cleaning out the cupboards and shelves of the house sighing at how many unused things get collected over the years.

Then my eyes fell on an old sheet of paper turned yellowish. But something about it caught my eye and even though I had lot of things to do , I sat down to read it. It was a poem . But it was no ordinary poem. It was written (or shared) by the father of a 3 month old baby who had cleft and was being operated upon.

The poem read like this:

Dear doctor
Please remember
That little face you are
Reconstructing is more than
Muscle and Tissue and Bone
It is the smile that fills
My heart with joy and
Swells my chest with pride
And brings life and meaning
Into my everyday
And when it is you and him
Behind the Big Doors
And me in the little room
Please remember
You are working with more
Than just a life
You have in your hands
A reason for living as well
And as you look upon your
Little patient,
A mere few pounds of person,
Remember that he is cherished,
And not by me alone,
But by the many
Whose lives have been touched
And enriched by his
And Doctor,
I will also remember
That I have chosen to trust you
And to trust your skills
And that by choice
I have entrusted his face
Into your skilled hands
But for these next three hours
While you and he
Hide behind the Big Doors,
And I wait in the little room
I hope you don’t mind
If I also choose
To Pray

Mums and stories thanks Priya for this lovely poem shared. Also featuring an art work done by Priya’s daughter. The bark of the tree is the tracing of the little child’s hand itself.

Spreading positive messages today on a joyous festival.


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