June 23, 2021

Festivals now and back in my childhood-Reliving it with my daughters -Shuchi

Shuchi Chokawala shares with Mums and stories on her Diwali moments of childhood and her celebrations this year with her daughters, Naavya & Natasha.
This story goes back to a small village of Gujarat thirty years ago when computer was an unknown word. I grew up in a city by name but for every Diwali, we used to visit our native home which was at a distance from Surat at Madhi.

Over there, even owning a television set was a far of dream and mobile phones or video games were never heard of.

If I have to go back in the past, “It’s Diwali in the village. All the family members from the nearby cities have gathered to be with their parents who are head of that family. The entire family lights diyas together, put rangoli together, bursts crackers together, prepares various delicacies together and eats together. Diwali is a major festival in Gujarat and they make sure that it is been celebrated together with a lot of pomp every year.”

The same story, with the same characters, comes to the present….The young children of the family have grown up and are staying in different parts of the world, where definition of family and definition of festival are entirely different.

Now, they hardly see each other in their busy urban schedules. The members of the family, who are in their 30s now and having children, try to infuse the values of ‘family togetherness’, ‘sharing’ and ‘caring’ into their children. One of the best ways to do so is obviously celebrating Diwali, the way we all used to do in our hometown.

So this time, me being one of the family members of the earlier story started grander Diwali preparations for this year with my two daughters Naavya and Natasha.

We prepared numerous traditional delicacies, put rangoli, lit diyas, met community people, wore traditional dresses and performed ‘Lakshmi Poojan’.

By the end of the festival, we all felt supreme rejuvenation which would have been hard to experience by watching a movie, going out to a mall or by playing a game on a computer. Just happy sharing this experience.

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