June 25, 2021

Nithya Ravi – Recipes and getting kids interested in cooking

Nithya Ravi is a food blogger, writer and a mum.

She is sharing with us her second story on something that she is very fond of; cooking and teaching others, particularly for growing children who can be motivated into learning a life skill-cooking.

“I like to offer various types of cuisines, for my family, but it doesn’t mean that I have to invest long hours in the kitchen.

There are umpteen recipes to try out which are less time-consuming and easy to make too. Depending on the taste and liking of your family you can look forward to more recipes in various blogs. These are easily accessible in contrast to earlier times where recipes were restricted to elders at home. You can always with the tip of your finger not only learn recipes but get tempted to make them, thanks to the photographs or videos provided by these blogs.

As soon as children develop a taste for food, the first and foremost you can do is to get them involved in the process of cooking. You can teach them how to make the recipe, ingredients involved and the time and cost involved in making that recipe.

That way you can teach them you should not waste food and also how to share them with others. Also for preparing the dishes in the kitchens, you don’t necessarily have to be a woman. Gone are the days where only women were considered to be in the kitchen.

.Just as women are achieving so may things in many fields, men are also getting involved in cooking. Children should be taught from the beginning of their childhood the necessity of cooking is not gender biased but with a purpose.

Sharing three recipes that are easy to be dished out in the kitchen.”

1. Strawberry Pancake

2. Schezwan Dosa

3. Eggless French Toast

Mums and stories wishes everyone happy cooking.

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