September 25, 2020

Sanjukta Parashar – Being a IPS officer and a mum

Sanjukta Parashar is no ordinary woman and mum. She holds one of the top positions in the police forces in the country.

She is the Superintendent of Police in Sonitpur in Assam. She is known for being tech savvy, inspires youth through her social media pages and is also known to have successfully led operations that have neutralized militants.

In an email interaction she shares snippets of herexperience and views on motherhood with Mums and stories. “My childhood was mostly spent in Guwahati. It was a normal growing up years as for anyone any with sports and school and quizzes as the mainstay.

More than that, my parents ensured that we went on picnics every Sunday and we explored places. My mother has made the best decisions for me as a child and even later in life. In fact it was she who kept on pestering me to sit for the exam. I am here because of her.

My advice to mothers is that treat your child as a complete human being with individual choices and needs. Do not impose anything, but let them explore the world on their own. Just be there to guide them with unconditional love.”

When asked if women are not often seen in police fields as much as they should be, she says, “ I don’t think that women in the police are not seen. Maybe as a society we do not want to see them and hence we point our cameras and our gaze away. Slowly this is however changing. Case in point is the all women who are in the police have been successful beyond expectations.

Having said that, crime prevention and investigation along with maintenance of law and order is the actual core function of the police and it is harder than anything else because our success is not visible to the world but every failure means a serious loss to the society.

Sanjukta is a mum too along with her role of being a noted police officer. She mentions, “I have had no problem in maintaining a comfortable family life along with my work. The best thing about being a mom is that I get to learn about another person so completely that it teaches me to be a better person. “

Mums and stories is proud to feature this inspiring mum on this platform and wish daughters would take inspiration in emulating her success.


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