June 6, 2023

Conversation with Namu Kini on life, work, motherhood and HappyHealthyMe

Meet Namu Kini who shares with Mums and stories in a one on one interaction her belief in being a happy woman and mum. More importantly she comes across as a free spirited individual who just loves life. HappyHealthyMe is ‘the buzzword’ for Namu and she ensures she passes this enthusiasm for everyone in her life. Eventually it seems like Namu has chalked out a plan to inspire several others to embrace a healthy life.

Namu Kini is the co-founder of Kynkyny Art gallery in Bangalore. She is the woman who initiated the online talk show of ‘Conversations with Namu Kini’ of 18 episodes and is currently busy with her venture of launching an organic food store – HappyHealthyMe Organics.

“I was just 26 years old clad in a t-shirt and jeans when I started an art gallery unlike most other gallerists in the city who were twice my age. Over the years, Kynkyny has been a platform that has encouraged emerging artists, first-time buyers and we have worked with some of the best talent in the art world. I am glad it has come to a stage where it is one of the recognized spaces for art in the country and we also organize contemporary and relevant events for people.

I used to work in a corporate job in a financial role for a company in U.S, after a few years, I just wanted to come home and explore being an entrepreneur. Being an art gallery owner or working with artists was something never thought of in my career graph or in life. I just stumbled upon it through some work with the help of my mother-in-law and I knew that this had to be where I truly belonged.

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I also hosted a talk show ‘Conversations with Namu Kini’ that had some of the most prolific women featured from films, music and other recognized career spheres who came and shared their stories. I used to have many conversations with people visiting my art gallery that one day it hit me that I could bring about a series of talk shows that could inspire people listening to the stories of successful individuals. The concept went on for some time before we had to wind it up but I am hoping to re-start it again.

I am a mum to two lovely daughters, Veda and Surya who are growing up to be young confident girls. We love doing activities outdoors and I am glad they are growing up in a very healthy environment including no television at home.

As an individual I wanted to find a healthier version of myself and in the last few years I’ve made an effort to embrace healthy eating, fitness, cycling, and the outdoors as a way of life.

I have been actively involved in cycling expeditions, triathlon, embracing organic lifestyle, healthy food and yes I live the HappyHealthyLife. A few years ago, I wasn’t entirely comfortable in my skin and I wanted to be fit and strong. It was not about being the role model for my children or for anyone else. It was just about me meeting the healthier Namu. Now that I’ve found it, I will never let it go!

My career has always played a very important role in my life. Marriage or motherhood has never been a barrier. My husband and I always believed in sharing our roles as equal partners whether at work or at home.

I’m fortunate to say that I love what I do.  But let me reiterate that nothing has happened due to luck. It has been a journey of a lot of hard work. I cannot really advise other mums, but I do feel personally it is important as a woman to have your own financial independence without having to be dependent on anyone else in the family.

I am a woman who has a very full schedule but I can make time for everything that I want in life. I am equally happy when I am hosting an art show or doing research for a shoot, doing work for my new venture or organizing play dates for my kids. But I am the happiest when I am cycling and breathing fresh air in countryside.

Having covered numerous expeditions right from cycling to Nandi hills, to the tour of Nilgiris or numerous cycling marathons, triathlons and cross country cycling expeditions on our holidays abroad; I do feel fitter than I’ve ever been before.”

Namu Kini in conversation with Reshma Krishnamurthy from Mums and stories.

Namu’s Instagram description reads art, healthy food, fitness, mum, girl power and other interests. We couldn’t have agreed more on meeting an interesting mum.

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