May 12, 2021

Become A Junior Entrepreneur by Vrunda Bansode

Entrepreneurship and Kids? This seems far fetched to many but not if you think from the author’s perspective. Vrunda Bansode who has penned the book Become A Junior Entrepreneur, published by Puffin books.

The language is simple to understand and can get kids interested in starting something on their own for the summer holidays as a project or even as a hobby or some other idea that can actually help in establishing a career.

The chapters are quite detailed and it makes kids understand how to go about concepts like Knowing your market, Being Different, Branding your business, How much to invest in Social Media, Keeping track of expenses, Get used to the idea that a business can fail etc.

The illustrations by Meghna Menon are quirky and kid-friendly. More importantly, the feel of the book is good as it comes in the reader’s hands in the format of neat outlines in each page, the paper quality and the colour combination of text and images is fun and attractive.

From chapters and topics like Who can be an entrepreneur to How can a product be different? Key ideas on Packaging, Product Range, Branding, Environment friendliness all are explained.

What we also liked in the book was there is enough space for kids to research and list down few questions asked in the book like – Name a few Entrepreneurs you know, Researching, Learning and writing Promotional email and many others which even novice start up founders may find it useful.

The book is fabulous read for 9-14 year olds and Mums and Stories definetly recommends this for the summer of 2021 to start a new business for kids.

We also had Vrunda Bansode talking to us on the book and why entrepreneurship can be considered as a learnt skill and we had her chat with us live. You can check the video here below. Also follow us on and on

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