April 11, 2021

Anamica Singh on Mum Talks

We at Mums and Stories invite everyone to come and attend one of the inspiring events that is scheduled on March 3rd 2018

Speaker 3- Anamica Singh

Mum Talks by Mums and Stories

March 3rd 2018

Women’s Day special

“Life was not easy running for routine check- ups multiple painful surgeries, but still wanted to overcome all that. Now I absolutely look forward to my future.”

Get to meet Anamica Singh at Mum Talks this March 3rd 2018.

Anamica has met with two fire accidents and has lost one ear in the first one and has scars over her body. She is also a proud mum to a 21 month old baby and also a food technologist, a lead auditor-food in a MNC.

Free Event. Registration mandatory.
To attend register here- http://bit.ly/2GXYCsq

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