June 25, 2021

Sarika Giria on being a mum, entrepreneur and author

Meet Sarika Giria, co-founder at Giria’s children’s Explorium in Bangalore- a space that encourages children to learn and play. In between her busy schedules of having the second outlet to be launched very soon, Sarika shares with Mums and stories her journey of being a mom, author and an entrepreneur.

“I was born and raised in Kolkata. I led a pampered life belonging to an affluent family. After marriage that was over 15 years ago, I came to Bangalore.

I have loved travelling and as a family we have indulged in quite a few holidays that have been memorable. Wherever we went we would look for museums, spaces that would allow kids to learn and play. And soon we wanted to own and manage a space that would make us feed good. My husband’s family business of Giria’s as the leading chain of consumer durables and electronic chain has been here in the city for over 43 years. This time we wanted to do something for the children and give back in our way to the society.

So the Explorium is mine and my husband’s idea and venture in the city.”

Sarika giria

When questioned on her children Aman and Sahil having access to the latest gadgets, considering they belong to a family that deals with a lot of electronic products and gadgets, Sarika shares, “Kids do have access to technology but have restricted hours. It is not that the latest gizmos that has paved its way to the country or to our stores need to come to home as well. Moreover we live in a joint family. We are 23 of us staying together and the kids have eight other cousins. They have enough company to keep themselves engaged.

Apart from travelling I love writing, reading and cooking too. I am an author and have published a book ‘Memories are forever’ a book on mother and child. At one point of time I was a full time stay at home individual. Regardless of what people would think how I could spend my time all day, I know that I loved being with the kids, making meals for them, helping in home works like every other mum. Since the last few years I have ventured into being an entrepreneur too. But this too has its connection of being with kids and connecting with other mums.

My children have given feedback on designing and including new exhibits at our upcoming center, that is getting ready to be launched in Bangalore. If I had to choose on my most important role as an individual then it has to be the title of being a mother” she says with pride.

The interesting part of Sarika is that she is hands-on as a mum and someone who works and supervises the management of the Explorium. It is easy to get shrouded in comforts given the family background she belongs and not step out of that comfort zone.

However Sarika proves she wants to make that difference of adding an additional layer of identity to herself; something which others too can benefit from a creative space.

We wish Sarika all the very best in life.

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