June 25, 2021

Champa being a mum, daughter and daughter-in-law


The Ministry of Women and Child Development has launched a social media campaign to mark the Daughters’ Day to be celebrated on 11th August 2016.

The government announced – This Daughters’ Day, August 11, make your daughters (in-law) feel grand and grand-daughters feel grander.

We get in touch with one such individual who shares her opinion on being a mum, daughter and daughter-in-law.

Champa H.N, a mum to a young child and a working professional shares her view on being a mother, daughter and daughter-in-law to a supportive mom-in-law in her life.

“As parenting and society has evolved I guess there are a few blessed homes where you find mother-in-laws who are encouraging on what you do in life. Earlier the concept was mother in- law rules the house, but I think in the present times, it’s about managing the house collaboratively.   There are ups and downs in every relation; it’s about how we take them forward.

I always wanted a girl kid. It’s a fun relationship. I had the same fun being a single girl child to my mom. Hope my daughter tells the same about me.

If I have to rewind on my memories I have to say that nani’s house was my after school care until my parents returned from school I was pampered and loved a lot by my parents. My parents were working professionals and I had spent a lot of time in my maternal grand mom’s house where I had a great set of same aged cousins.

Now I am married for 10 long years. Mine being an arranged marriage, it was easier to interact with my mother-in-law. Moreover it was she who fell in love with me even before my husband saw me.


I was raised in a nuclear and joint family set up and really didn’t miss out on having company around me. I had cousins, people around to take care of me and so on. Now many ask me since you were the single child do not push your child to same situation. Yet I beg to differ on this perspective. I am glad my daughter is with me and more than happy with only her as my child. If you can build a network of friends, cousins and ‘we time’ for the child, I think he or she will be just fine as other kids who have siblings.”

We wish Champa, her daughter and her mum-in-law all the very best in life.

Wishing everyone Happy Daughter’s Day if you have one or think you have been one lovable daughter to your parents too.



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