July 3, 2020

Dipthi Aashok on the right appearance and parenting

Meet one of the vibrant and glamorous mums in the city of Bangalore. An individual who recalls being bullied for her physical appearance during teenage years sought to seek a profession that would  help her and enable her to be the master too.

Read on to find out an inspiring story shared with Mums and stories. Dipthi Aashok, a well known make up artist and an entrepreneur mum who runs her studio in the city shares, “Although I was a graduate in psychology, journalism and literature, my calling was different from the beginning. I always dreamt of being a fashion designer. I was adamant about going to NIFT Delhi but my dad wasn’t ready to let me leave Bangalore.

This was way back in 1995. Later I went on to complete my bachelors and topped the university in psychology. Later I joined MSc in Bangalore University. Along the way, I was sure this wasn’t what I was meant to do. I discontinued my Masters and joined Vidya Sagar, fashion designer to do an informal course in designing and went on to join Manoviraj Khosla for a brief period.


After marriage because of constant travelling with my spouse, it became difficult for me to handle clients and the artisans. After travelling for a bit I got back to Bangalore and started my career as a makeup artist in MAC’s first flagship store. From then on there was no looking back! I was very lucky to have been under the guidance of Mickey contractor and Vimi Joshi .

As a teenager I was bullied for being plump. I was never comforted with my body or the way I looked. I remember my dad trying his best to boost my confidence. I had a low self esteem back then. I believe that every woman is beautiful. Makeup is a tool to enhance that beauty and to boost one’s confidence. Who doesn’t feel good when they present themselves well?? Contrary to this, being obsessed with looking good all the time and being under pressure doesn’t really help. We as women should learn to be comfortable on our own skin. We should also feel good to look good. We don’t have to wear makeup to impress or please someone else but ourselves.

Talking on my childhood, I would say that I have my share of good and bad memories of that phase. Yes I’m always conscious of the way I parent my child and everyday is a learning process for me. No one can be the best at everything. There’s always scope for improvement. Having said that I always took my parents as an example and warning too. I try not to do the same mistakes that my parents did.


With my daughter there are times when there are clashes on the pressure of looking good as a young girl is seeing it constantly in close quarters. I try and tell her that this is my profession and I need to present myself well. I constantly remind her that at this age she needs to be carefree. I try my best to teach her through inspirational documentaries and reading! Sometimes I really have no answers to questions she asks me!! I’m still figuring out .I am growing too as an individual and constantly learning from my child.

I am lucky to have a spouse who encourages me to dream and achieve. I still sometimes find myself not being able to balance. The first three years after my daughter’s birth, I decided to take a break and completely dedicated my time to my daughter.

I’m taking one day at a time. I am focused as of now and always believe that any creative person can be fully satisfied. Growth and learning is an infinite journey and I also realize that my ream can’t be my child’s.

All I want her is to be a happy, independent and a confident human being, irrespective of what she chooses to becomes. Likewise I do feel the best thing of being a mum is to be able to wake up that inner child within you and become child like and appreciate the innocence around

My take on three tips for women regarding make up would be – Never let your makeup precede you. Less is always more!! Having healthy skin is important. Follow a skin care regime that suits you and never follow trends blindly. Also design a look that suits you and your lifestyle.”

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