October 4, 2022

Paycheck for Stay at Home Mums? Why not say many mums- Survey Response


This is our survey of asking a few mums who are working outside home full time, working part-time, working from home and being stay at home mums.

Mums and Stories, a community based initiative which features true stories on moms on www.mumsandstories.com asked mums to respond what mums really want. It is an attempt to understand mums, those who work at home and those who take the inclination or opportunity to work outside home as well.

Lack of adequate child care support and the dilemma and emotion of wanting to see children grow takes a huge beating when it comes to career choices, post motherhood. Yet consciously many women after years of being aggressive at career front give it up as they feel childcare is equally important element of their life. So many have responded that they have consciously taken a break and they enjoy being stay at home mum.

There have been a few interesting observations by mums when asked what they want and if possible change in life.

Veena K, an advocate shares, “ I would love to have more flexibility and less judgment on different parenting styles.”

Jayasudha V who works in the education sector, shares on what she thinks is important for mums, “I am all in for longer maternity breaks without the emotional turmoil or of threat of paycheck in case of longer maternity break.  Also Stay at home mums deserve a paycheck as it is an emotional process and requires investment in terms of time.”

While it may seem little alarming of associating motherhood or being stay at home and giving the mum a paycheck, yet many feel, it’s time to consider it as it can be a feel good factor, will be helpful in investments, savings, freedom to spend as she feels without the burden of being answerable, or better still more number of free hours where partners take charge of household chores on a daily or weekly basis.

Rajani V, a stay-at-home mum shares, “The first six years of a child’s life are foundation years . When a parent decides to stay at home to look after the child, it should be a matter of pride to family/society around. Wish this could be.”.

Shilpa K, a business analyst thinks IT companies should seriously consider partial working hours so that mums can stay connected to work world, outside home and have time for childcare too.

Most also felt domestic responsibilities are falling largely on the woman and thought their time is spent on these chores rather than trying to engage in other things that could bring them an additional identity.  While some feel there aren’t enough flexi work options, others felt society needs to change it views stay at home mums.

Finally, most mums who responded share that they find the most happiness from various things from little gestures from their children to something huge, like a hug from their child when they are younger to advice sought when they are in teenage years. It also seems that motherhood becomes the perfect opportunity to be a child again.


Mums and Stories began as a social experiment on social media featuring true stories on moms. Over 450 inspiring stories have been featured on www.mumsandstories.com and on www.facebook.com/mumsandstories after detailed interactions. Mums and Stories, led by Reshma Krishnamurthy is an attempt to connect, engage and bring moms closer in the digital world.

Mums and Stories also organizes events for mums and kids in Bangalore, conducts contests and brings in social initiatives too. They also do reviews of storybooks meant for children from 3-12 years, review property spaces, restaurants, cuisines, promote travel features and review destinations for mums to travel.

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